2015 Blog Review (The Real One ; ) )


I’m going to do a yearend review without the help of WP’s flying monkeys. I can find most of the data they use pretty easily and so much more that they don’t use. And, of course, the flying monkeys really don’t do very much in the way of real analysis.

I started my blog at the beginning of November, 2013, so 2014 was my first full year and 2015 my second. The first half of 2014 was devoted to building while I started 2015 pretty stable. The numbers of followers went up over 10 times in 2014 while they little more than doubled in 2015. I posted a lot more in 2015 and was part of more blogging events. These things need to be kept in mind when comparing the years.

I almost doubled the number of views in the year. I more than doubled the likes and almost tripled the number of comments. Strangely, the number of discreet visitors only went up by about 20%. And I had views from 20 less countries in 2015 than 2014. Without China and big chunks of South America in 2015 the map looks so empty compared to 2014. I lost too much of the world in 2015. Can I gain it back in 2016?

Without looking at the home page or any of the “about” pages, the top two posts I had were both from 2013, from my first couple of months of blogging. I’ve often complained about my kayak review, but it is still the all-time high, almost doubling the 750 word story post, which was number 2 for the second year.

Looking at the top ten posted this year, another Google favorite topped the chart, my Microbrute (a synthesizer) review. Another Google favorite was in the top ten, one on figure (nude) drawing and another figure drawing post from 2014 came in the top 15 (including all posts). Another music post, “Whose Sacrifice” was up at number 3. Four different “If We Were Having Coffee” posts were in the top ten, with the one following the Paris attacks in at number 2. Rounding out the top ten were posts from the 1000 Voices Speak for compassion and the first “Smile” post.

My “Coffee” posts dominated the top posts, over half of the top 20 2015 posts were coffee posts and perhaps even a larger percentage of the top 50. The Compassion posts (not just those for #1000Speak) also did well, along with the “Smile” posts.

There was one general creativity posts and one piece of fiction, the first chapter of “The Halley Branch”, in the top 25 posts only counting 2015 posts. This is kind of discouraging since I like my blog to be about creativity and writing. The photo posts didn’t do very well either, I didn’t see any in the top 50.

I posted at least one story every week. There were a few repeats, but then there were also several weeks with more than one story posted. I would say there were at least 50 new short stories in 2015. I’ve posted well over 100 original short stories on Trent’s World since I started, and that isn’t even counting the 100-word-or-less flash fiction stories or “The Halley Branch”.

One big thing I did with writing this year was post a book, “The Halley Branch”, “live”. What I mean by that is, at least for the first half, I wrote a chapter and immediately posted it. After a while I got ahead of myself and started writing for the next day, writing in the evening and scheduling it for the next morning. At one point I gave up and wrote the final eight or nine chapters in one marathon writing session while the story was fresh in my mind.

Poetry fared a little better than fiction taking a couple of the top 15. I wrote between 50 and 75 poems this year.

As I said, two of my music posts made the top 10. The big news with music, though, was I released a CD, “The Hamlet Symphony”. Of course I only sold 5 copies, including one to my mom, but hey! I did it.   And, OK, I l regained less than 10% of my investment, but who’s counting? I was planning on doing another CD of my classical music, my piano preludes and piano sonatas, but I’ve already lost too much money, so no, it’s not going to happen.

What happened with “The Hamlet Symphony” is the big reason I will NOT self-publish either of my 2 books. I am not a salesman and never will be one. I know that totally excludes me from any of the arts today, but, oh well, I will still create and give it away here.

Anyway, to move far away from that sour note, I need to say a word or two about one of the better parts of blogging that the flying monkeys totally miss, the social aspect. I am not the most social person in the world, but I have really enjoyed chatting with people. There is even a small handful that I’ve talked to off line. There are also a few that I’ve known through their blogs and comments almost from day one. I count a lot of people here as my friends even though I have never seen them face to face and have never even seen a photo of some their faces! It doesn’t matter, on a blog it is a person’s words and their heart that count. And I’ve found a lot of heart here!

A few quick take-aways from the year. The more I post, the more views I have. Being part of a group event, like the #weekendcoffeeshare or the #1000speaks, also gives me a lot of views. But, of course, the views are not the reason I blog, the people are.

For now Trent’s World will continue as it has been going. I will concentrate on creativity, (oth poetry and fiction), music, art and photography, even though these things don’t give me the majority of my views. I’ll also continue to post about compassion, empathy and just plain, simple optimism. As for that optimism, I plan on making my “A Smile a Day” into a shared “A Smile a Week”. Look for it and participate! And thinking of participating, I’ll continue to have my more personal, and popular, “If We Were Having Coffee” posts every week and try to hit the #1000Speak when I can.

So that was 2015 in the blogging world for me. How was your year?

(Do you like my cheesy graphic I made in the 1990s ;) )

21 thoughts on “2015 Blog Review (The Real One ; ) )

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  2. Master of Something Yet

    All sounds good to me. I glanced at my report from the monkeys but because I had that FP post, the stats were pretty skewed. I don’t take much notice of them any more anyway. I’m just happy if I get conversation going in the comments. Thanks for being a large part of those conversations. :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Hi Sonya! With followers I’m guessing… As far as likes and such, From “My Sites” click “Year” and then you can click on each of the different things, “Views”, Visitors”, “Likes” and “Comments” and it will bring up a graph based on those. You can then highlight each year to see the numbers. You can, of course, do the same with Months, weeks and days. Of course the Stats page off of the admin page gives different useful info too.



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