Idina’s Monster

Idina with the magic stick

I poked my head into the sunroom.  The wet,miserable day visible out of the large windows gave lie to name of the room.  It had been raining nonstop since early morning.

Idina looked over and wagged her tail.  She was perched on a chair next to the sliding door.  All morning she stared out of the window.  Occasionally she barked, but by the time I got into the room she would be calm again, looking at me happily, wagging away.

I stooped down to her vantage.  All I could see was the corner of the lot where the fence ended.  i could see a few trees and the houses on the other side, but little else.  I couldn’t even guess what she had been seeing.

I decided to trick her and go to another window and watch.  There was no way she could tell I was there or that I could see the backyard.  Idina didn’t make a peep.  The minute I stepped away from the window,though, the woofing began.

So I drew a picture of the fence.  I decided I’d play police detctive and try to draw the suspect and see how she’d react.  I drew a deer.  Nothing.  A coyote.  Not a wag, growl or anything.  I drew a giant spider.  Nada.  I drew a dragon.  Her tail wagged.  I drew it coming out from behind the fence.  A wag and a bark.

Idina's Monster

That was it.  The dragon would poke it’s head out from behind the fence.  Idina would woof.  The dragon would withdraw.  I’d come in and there’d be nothing.

She was saving us all, why didn’t we give her credit?  Why did we just say, “Shush little girl, stop your woofing”?

Drawing made with pens I received for Christmas.  The photo wasn’t very good and I touched it up a little on the computer, mostly tinting it in places.  You can click on the drawing for a little more detail.



22 thoughts on “Idina’s Monster

  1. prior2001

    well I did not read this =- just have to be honest – I do not want to read about a monster (is this ok T?) but I loved the photos (heart tug) and of course your drawing – those math people make good fences – lol

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Nancy

    What a good girl!! You, of course, know that dragons can only be seen by dogs and children. You are lucky she was there to protect you! Very nice rendition, by the way. 😊

    Liked by 1 person


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