The Anti-Rap Rap (Music Video)

Trent Grin

A few weeks ago, when I was still dong my A Smile a Day, I wrote a silly poem as my smile.  A few people thought I should make it into a rap, so I did.  I hope you enjoy!

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

A few words.  Yes, that is me trying to rap and sing background vocals :)  All of the other sounds are also me playing a modular synthesizer.  There are some shots of the synthesizer in the video – the thing with all of the cables/patch cords.  Thinking of cables, I wore a few patch cords as “bling” when I took the pictures, but they were cut off.  When patching, it is convenient to have a few around your neck so they are readily accessible…

Here it is:

Don’t do rap
But some of the time
Put the pencil to the paper
For some pretty mean rhyme

I try to go deep
But it’s often willy-nilly
I can look pretty stupid
Or write very silly

Often my verse
Comes out perverse
-Send it away in a Hearst
With a loud curse
I might say “you lose with booze”
Or you bring me good news
But the words I use
Show my views
Have no clues
They stick out
Like sore tooths
(See! It’s not to be! Don’t have the key. No good rhyme for me!)

I spew this stuff
Shovel it up in a pile
But my big hope
Is today,
Today I made you smile :)

Trent Smile

28 thoughts on “The Anti-Rap Rap (Music Video)

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      You can’t take this too seriously. Trying to have a bit of good natured fun at my own expense using a music form that I know i can’t do properly.


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  3. prior2001

    ok T – so at first I thought it was crazy drug like because it was in these “rounds” – bunny then I realized that while waiting for the video to play I hastily liked the link you gave too – and so without realizing it had it playing twice – and that was the round – so I was dizzy and thinking What the heck….. ha
    anyhow, the second time through was less drug like – lol – and pretty funny. so unique that is for sure – and such a touch of you…
    have a great week – and this counts as smile too amigo

    Liked by 1 person

          1. prior2001

            ha! well here is a decaf latte for the next song -

            and not so “white boy fast next time” –
            just kidding

            Liked by 1 person

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