Reorganizing and Fiction


I haven’t updated some of the static pages on my blog in ages so I decided to do a little housecleaning today.  Where I started was the fiction page, which hasn’t been updated since last August.  A lot has happened since then!  There are actually 2 pages, one with descriptions and thumbnail images and one without, just a plain list of names and dates.  I will soon look at my 750 Word (or less) stories page (last updated May 2015).  Since I’ve been doing a lot of flash fiction I’m not totally sure if I’ll add them in, perhaps at the bottom of the page.  I also need to update my poetry page (last updated April 2015).  I may recreate my music page, too.

After updating the fiction pages I did a quick count.  Not including the 29 chapters of The Halley Branch I have posted around 110 different short stories on my blog.  If you get rid of the 100-word or less flash-fiction stories and a handful of stories i wrote to prove a writing point, there are still almost 100 stories.  I also have a dozen or so stories that I decided were too long to post.  OK, I’ve posted 6000 word stories here, so I’m sure you can guess that these are pretty long.

Here is the point to all of this.  I may do a self-published book of short stories.  Of the ones I haven’t posted there are at least two and perhaps four I’d include.  After that I would want to pick between 20 and 30, depending on length, from the 100 I’ve posted here.  That is the hard part!  I know a few that would be included a few that would not, but there are a lot I’m not sure about.  One thing, I don’t think I would include any of the series, like “Frank”.  I may do “Frank” as a stand alone book aimed at 10 year olds.

Of course if I do or don’t is a completely personal decision as is the process of whittling down to 20 or 30 stories.  That being said, what do you think?

17 thoughts on “Reorganizing and Fiction

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  3. Corina

    Go for it! I’ve wanted to do the same for a long time and I haven’t. I have enough of my short stories (many I’ve made private on the blog, in case I do publish a collection) and another of my Christmas stories. Maybe this year will be the year to do it. But YOU should do it! (Then you can tell us all how the process goes!)


    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Karen! I most likely will, though I’m not sure about the timing. maybe I’ll do “Frank” first, since it is just a matter of editing, maybe adding another little story or two, getting it all to gel, etc. The short story collection will be much, much harder… – Even if I knew which stories, there will be so much more editing involved!

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      1. trentpmcd Post author

        Thanks. I am now about 99.9% certain a book of short stories will be published sometime before summer and about 80% certain there will be a a “Frank” book sometime.



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