Whale Watch

I was looking at some old posts and came across this one. It brought back the thrill of seeing the whales. I hope you enjoy!

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Whale Tail

Massachusetts is one of the premier whale watching areas in the world.  It isn’t a breeding ground and the big whales rarely breach here so what makes this area so special?  There are banks and shoals that the whales use as a summer feeding area that are very close to a major population center, Boston.  On any given high season day more than 5000 people will get a view of the larger whales.

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11 thoughts on “Whale Watch

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      On the whale watch you can’t hear them “sing”, but you can hear them as they surface. They are very close to the boat. Sometimes you can hear them breath as the swim next to the boat. Very cool. Not all whale watches are as successful and often they are father away, but you still might hear the splash. They are great animals in all the different meanings of the word “great”! I feel it’s a privilege to have been able to get that close to them.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      They are great! You should do a whale watch. I don’t know if there are many down your direction, but there are quite a few up in New England. Expensive, but well worth it if you get a good day!

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