Last Week’s Snow

Last Friday we had our first big snow of the year.  Actually it wasn’t very big.  We had several very warm days before the snow so it fell onto ground that wasn’t frozen.  Then we had perhaps 5 inches (13 cm).  It was warm on Saturday and Sunday so a lot of the snow went away.  Oh well.  But we may get another 5 inches today, so stay tuned for more snow pictures later.

Here is my back yard from a second floor balcony.  This is from just a day before the storm.  My back yard is almost vertical and you can see that the dogs playing have made it into a mud slide.

Before the snow

And here it is during the snow.

During the snow

Again, during the snow but looking at the hill from the side.  Yes, the dogs really are at those funny angles as they played.  And played.  And played.  They love playing in the snow!


There wasn’t much snow, but it was pretty.  Here are a few more pictures.  All pictures of the dogs are from my phone.  Click on them for more detail:

11 thoughts on “Last Week’s Snow

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  2. Corina

    They sure were having fun! Snow is really pretty when it isn’t too much, and it doesn’t stick around too long. Dirty snow is yucky…better that it melts before getting dirty! Now that reminds me of a smile for this week!

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      The pups were having a blast! The deep snow can be very pretty as long too, as long I don’t have to drive in it! It’s snowing right now and will continue until tomorrow morning. It’s also going to get very cold over the next few days and there may be an even bigger storm over the weekend. So I guess i need to think all snow is pretty for a while!

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      1. Corina

        For today, you can have the snow. We are having a gorgeous, sunny day with highs expected to be around 60. That’s way warmer than last week’s 32! Tomorrow we get clouds, rain, and cold.

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