Different Times and Places!

Magic Wand 3 (color)

“Space and Time will be my toys and I’ll create whole worlds and universes.  I’ll visit dinosaurs and slay dragons, travel to the stars and serenade princesses.” (excerpt from my illustrated short story, The Magic Wand –  B&W versioncolor version)

Let me take you away, through time and space.  I’ll wave that magic wand and create a universe for you.   I have already created quite few – see here for some examples!

Today on Valentine’s Day I am paying tribute to my love for writing and the imagination :)


9 thoughts on “Different Times and Places!

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  2. roweeee

    Trent, I really love this and could see it as part of a kid’s book which adults would also enjoy. I love picture books by the way.
    I spent yesterday taking my daughter to a party but then we all went to a briefing at scouts for this show called “The Gang Show”. It’s another one of those all in productions where if you turn up and keep turning up, you’re in. These are great for kids and much better than shows where there are stars. That can come down the track. At the same time, all the kids also had to audition for dance, singing and speaking so there are some solos and small group things.
    What I’m really excited about is that our son is doing it. He is quite an extrovert and one of those people where all the world’s their stage and yet he can’t see it. He often sings around the house and is mostly in tune and has that natural flair for drama but is oblivious. His dancing wasn’t the greatest but not the worst but when he was singing the woman really listened very closely to him and you know how they go round and stick their ear in your face, well she almost seemed fixated on him. I am hoping it is for all the right reasons! It would be great to see him shine as it’s not been easy for him. He’s been having trouble organising himself at school and we had a phone call last week and I drew up a nightly packing list. That’s made quite a difference.
    Last Friday, my daughter arrive home on the train with Baritone. She wasn’t happy when I said it weighed as much as her but the case is pretty heavy. She has fallen in love with it and is already practicing every day and sounding so much better. She’s a very determined Miss.
    Hope you’re having a great week.
    xx Rowena

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Did you see the original story the picture was taken? It was a six panel story “The Magic Wand”. Very simple, but a lot of fun to draw!
      With all of the musical activities and dance your daughter does i would be surprised if your son didn’t have at least a bit of it. Maybe this is a way to get him more involved.
      I’m sure she is not going to give up on the Baritone, no matter how heavy you think it is ;)
      Have a great week!



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