Fly Away

Young Eagle

Young Eagle

Some dreams fulfilled
Some still on the horizon
You must snatch them as your own
Fly away from me

We talked all day
And laughed the night away
Together we are better than alone
Fly away with me

The future is open
Your life’s your own
Don’t be dragged down by my stone
Fly away from me

You cast your spell
Your magic’s on my mind
You have my heart on loan
Fly away with me

What’s best for me
May not be for you
Search out the unknown
Fly away from me

It’s time to fledge
Freely take to air
Reap what’s been sown
And fly away

7 thoughts on “Fly Away

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  2. D. Wallace Peach

    This is beautiful, Trent. I love the repeat in each stanza and the slight variation in the last line. It made me think of relationships that drift apart as well as the flying away of children as they grow up, both bittersweet.

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