Throwback – Sketchpad

Grand Teton

Years ago I had decided that I was going to become an artist.


I was tired of my job.  As my organization grew many of my responsibilities where slowly going away and I was growing bored with my job.  I wanted to move into a more creative career.  One day hot summer day, sitting at the pool, I took out a notebook and wrote down all of the things I liked to do.  I then created some job titles based on those things.  I ranked them by how good I thought I was.  I then did a bit of a reality check into how hard I thought it would be to break into the field.  After an afternoon of writing notes I decided my best bet was to become an artist.


Of course I had to get better.  I had already been taking classes so I started taking even more classes.  I also started to carry around a sketchpad.  Anytime i had a spare minute I’d draw what I saw around me, sometimes who.

Office Phone

Before too long my mind moved on.  I started to study classical music composition with a passion.  I started carrying a voice recorder, which I’d hum in ideas.  The voice recorder was eventually replaced with a phone.  But then, of course, writing took the place of music and… well, here we are.

Grand teton

I have stacks of sketchbooks hidden away.  Every so often i go through and look at some of the drawings.  The drawings on this page were all done the same year, 2002.  I drew them all from life, not from a photo.  Do you know where I was in each?

Notre Dame

12 thoughts on “Throwback – Sketchpad

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. The phone was my office, the mountains are the Tetons in Wyoming, the dome is supposed to be the Capital building in Washington DC and the church is Notre Dame in Paris. The hand, of course, is at the end of Trent’s arm ;)
      2002 was the peak of my artistic output. In 2003 (a big, round number birthday year for me) I switched back to music.
      Ah, so BoB is 14 this year?


        1. trentpmcd Post author

          The Tetons are gorgeous! My wife had a conference in Jackson Hole two years in a row. While she sat in the conference i hiked in the mountains. It was great!



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