Write a Composition?

This is one of my very first posts. The funny thing is, when I write a story I often have no idea where it is heading until I’ve gotten a little way into it. But then, on rewrite, I do take a lot of my advice from this post. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past!

Trent's World (the Blog)

Small clip of score - music by Trent P McDonald, phot by Trent P McDonald A small clip of the first page of Trent’s composition The Hamlet Symphony

I’ve created my fair share of music.  I’ve written songs and composed contemporary concert pieces, including some songs.

Now stop and think.  Does anything strike you about what I just wrote?  I’m sure a few of you noticed that I said I “wrote” some songs but “composed” others.  I often use the words “write” and “compose” interchangeably, but they’re really not the same.  So, what, besides pretension, is the difference between “writing” and “composing” a song?  While there are many arguments over the meaning of these words I tend to use the garage band test.  I’ll demonstrate.

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