Just Human


I bet there is at least one thing I can do better than you!  No, I’m not bragging, just stating a simple fact.  OK, sure, we can go the other way too – there is at least one thing you can do better than me.

These “things” that we do better than each other might be essential or frivolous, smart or stupid, silly or serious, work related or related to play or not related to anything at all.  The “thing” might be what defines one of us or something we never, ever think about.  It might be important or nothing.  Maybe I can play piano better than you but you draw better.  Maybe you draw better, play piano and trumpet better, write better stories, write better computer programs, are better at setting up servers, kayak better, bike better, etc., but there is at least one thing I do better, even if it’s sit with good posture.

I truly believe that every human can do at least one thing better than every other human.  Wait, that came out wrong.  I do not mean every human has a special talent that surpasses every other human, I mean that if we take each one of us and compare, one at a time, with every other one of us something can be found.  As I implied in the last paragraph, it might be something different for each comparison and it might even change over time.  But it is there.

We are all proud of our accomplishments, no matter how great or small.  We all deserve an occasionally pat on the back.  We all want other humans to think of us how our dogs do ;)  We all have an ego.

But we are all human.

Part of that is realizing that no matter how good I am at something, somebody is better.  It is realizing that although I might be better at X than that person, well, that person just happens to be better at Y then me.  We need to realize that being human we can be wrong and others right.

We need to look our enemy in the eye and recognize that we are just looking into a mirror, that there is another human like us.

I see a growing divide in the world between those who recognize these facts and those who see only a hierarchy and differences.  I think there are more of us, but those who see the hierarchy, who see themselves as good those who aren’t them as bad, typically yell louder and have a higher propensity to violence.

So, hey, I have certain things I think I can do and sometimes post them here for you to see, read or hear.  You might do it different or better or worse or in such a way as it can’t be compared or maybe you don’t do it at all.  That is fine.  I’m just human so I might be a little hurt when people don’t like the things I do, but I know I am just human and all of you are too.  so I want to see what you do even if I do it better or worse or so different we can’t compare or even if I don’t do it at all.

So, human, what do you think?

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