Throwback Thursday – Brady and the Kayak


We got our first dog/Boxer, Brady, just a few months after we got our first kayak.  Needless to say, the two went together.  There were few times when we used the kayak together that Brady was not a passenger.  Brady loved being with us but did not love the kayak and made this known by trying to climb into my lap or jump overboard when it got rough.  Sometimes he had all four paws on the edge!  Of course it wasn’t always easy dragging the 90 lb Boxer (100% muscle) out of the water when he was most prone to fall in, that is when it was very rough.

Elliot did better in the kayak, though he would occasionally get very clingy.  A few times I tried to go out solo only to have Elliot swim out to me.  We also went double while someone else was watching him only to have him escape and swim after us – we were already over a half a mile away!  (Away = off shore)

Brady liked the water, but didn’t have the same love as Elliot.  And he definitely didn’t do as well in the kayak.  But he spend a good portion of his summer months riding.

The picture at the top was taken on Cape Cod by a friend.  I took a picture of her picture.  The picture below was Brady (as a pup) down on Cape Cod playing with the same friend’s two kids.  This was a year before the picture at the top.

Brady and Kids

11 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday – Brady and the Kayak

  1. Connie T

    Great pictures. Your kayak must hold a lot of weight with 2 people and a 90 pound dog. Did the dog rock the boat? My dog would go crazy if I put her on a boat. She hates water.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Brady did rock the boat a lot, but it was fine. He did like it. This kayak is pretty big, perhaps 17 feet long with a large open cockpit. My new one, single, is what I mentioned on your blog. Eliot, our second boxer, loved water so he wasn’t as bad in the boat – it all depends on the dog.


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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Boxers are the best and white boxers can be special. And they do have super expressive eyes. Unfortunately white boxers often have issues and none of the vets were surprised when Brady was diagnosed with lymphoma at 5. Still, we don’t regret 1 second of those 5 years!

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