Mind the Gap

A Face in a Flash

Mind the gap
The voice calls out
Mind the gap
But the mind only makes up
The ground
The landing point
The stable part of that gap
The part that rushes on
In a flurry
Heading into darkness
Careless of what lays ahead?
That, my friend
Is the heart
The choice is yours
To stay on the stable platform
Or take an exhilarating ride
Into the unknown
But whatever you choice
Heed that voice
Mind the gap

— — —

OK, “Mind the gap” is from the British Underground and the picture at the top is of the Boston T, but you get the idea ;)

6 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

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  2. pranitapatra

    Simple catching up on writings.. And I like it “Mind the gap”. the heart in reckless, mind speaks of facts.. although sometimes I feel I do not know one from the other! is it the heart’s voice or the mind’s? really..

    Liked by 1 person


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