The Haunting

Snow Flower

In a movie
The past was a beautiful maiden
As young as spring
While future wore
The visage of death
A natural thought
In our march from cradle to grave
But is it right?
Isn’t the past now dead
The future the place of renewal?
When the dead past haunts
The living present
Where will our futures
Lead us?

The mood is neither dark nor hopeful.  This is just a question, a thought, as the past is remembered and the future pondered.  But I am in the now as I think about it.  For a moment,it collapses to the present and I am just me, here, neither good nor bad, I just am.

And you, what do you think?

10 thoughts on “The Haunting

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  2. pranitapatra

    If we were just in this moment, no past, nor a thought for future we would be as were on the day we were born. We carry our past in us.. We make our future based on what we have become as a result of our past. Our hopes for future and our bearings, thoughts from the past make up our present mostly. And hence it gets difficult to be present in the moment… that’s what I have felt..Live like we knew nothing and wanted nothing, that gets difficult. But it would nice to practice living in the moment.. And the best people to practice it with would be kids.:) nice poem :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Yes, it would be impossible to live without the past because that has created who we are – I am a person made up of the moments that happened to me. And as human adults we do plan for the future instead of just meeting our immediate needs. Actually, I have been thinking how our human minds sometimes reverse cause and effect – we know something is going to happen so we make a change before it does – at it’s simplest the rain caused the windows in my car to go up but they were up before the rain came because my human mind knew it was coming. But that look at the future will happen, uhm, yeah, in the future…. Thanks!


      1. pranitapatra

        We tend to do that.. but sometimes you know even though it seems like its going to rain, it doesn’t or it just does rain but harder than we presumed.. so there goes out actions.. Not sure if I should call that fate.. I will just call unpredictable future, just a random thought trailing off from what you said. Thanks, it was interesting read:)

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          We can’t always predict the future, but the future can cause us to do things so it turns around the typical cause and effect. Anyway, Some day I want to write a long post on this – it is used in fiction a lot (foreshadowing) and even in music. just interesting to see it from a very different perspective.

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  3. brittabottle

    The future is SUCH a place of renewal. I think that goes for individual futures (age is just a number, after all) and the future of humanity…especially in today’s world, with some many terrible things happening daily. I hear so often that the world used to be so much safer and where did the good times go? The truth of the matter is, humanity has been prone to brutality since its beginning. Yes, a lot of bad things have been happening lately, but there have been TONS of other moments in history where humans have shown our darker sides. That, of course, doesn’t justify anything of the recent horrible and tragic events, but I think people get so caught up in the present that they fail to realize that these constant acts of brutality are hardly a new phenomenon in the grand scheme of things (this is why the study of history is important). That, or we have it in our head that we’re somehow more civilized in the twenty-first century than the people of Medieval Europe, the French Revolution, etc.

    I think if we start focusing less on overly nostalgic images of how things “used to be” and more on what we can do to improve our current situations (both individually and as a global community), the world would be much better off in the long run.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Actually, we have less violence in the US now per capita then any time since the mid 60s. OK, it has gone up a little over the last two years but not much. Violent crime is still less than it’s been since the early 70s when you look at actual numbers, not per capita. There are a few problems – the 24 x 7 news channels thrive on violence, both political parties have to talk about how violent it is (though the Republicans do it much more) and both sides of the gun issue push how violent it is. OK, there have been a few terrorist attacks that left a lot of dead – that is huge and skews opinion if not actual numbers. There have also been a few other very high profile killings that skew attitudes. But all of those people who remember less violent times, unless they are like in their 80s they are looking at the past in rose colored glasses.
      The world, on the other hand, is in an ultra violent period. Back in the 70s there were a lot of terrorist attacks including some in Europe. Even Britain was rocked by bombings by the IRA.
      All of that being said, our world is too violent, particular from a small number of extremists, particularly groups like ISIS and other violent Islam groups. We do need to curb the violence and I do see the future as a better time. I think it will get better. The vast majority of people in the world want it to stop. I do have hope in humanity and thing the future will be bright.
      In case you didn’t get the reference at the beginning, I was thinking of the film adaptations of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the Ghosts of the past and future.


      1. brittabottle

        It’s true, though, that the world goes through phases. We go through more violent phases and less violent phases. If you look at history, it’s no new phenomenon to have a string of violence in the course of a few years and then what appears to be relative peacefulness. A lot of the violence that is happening is connected to increasing nationalism and xenophobia and that, too, isn’t a new phenomenon. That doesn’t mean it’s okay that these things are happening. However, if we look at history, this isn’t the first time this has happened. We also live in a far more connected world than ever before, which I only think is heightening the scope of these attacks. Violence feeds off violence and so, in a way, it doesn’t surprise me that they keep happening.
        I think things will get better, too. I hope so.
        Oh, of course, A Christmas Carol! I do know the story of course, though it didn’t immediately come to mind when I first read it.

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          I think you are right about us being so connected having contributed to the problem. One thing is although there is so much out there, people fall into these tight groups of people who agree with them and it becomes a feedback loop. Also, 20 years ago ISIS wouldn’t be able to recruit a kid in Wisconsin but today they can try. I think we do better integrating people in the US than Europe which is one reason there isn’t as much radicalism here, but yeah, nationalism and xenophobia are really increasing here. But, as you said, it has happened before and will subside eventually.



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