I Need You! (beta readers)


I’ve posted a few times that I’m working on a book of short stories.  Most of the editing has been completed so I need a beta reader or two (or three).

As I said, I’ve done most of the large scale editing and loosely put the book together.  I’m looking for some input on things such as do all of the stories work?  Does the order make sense?  Are there large scale problems with any of the stories?  Punctuation, grammar, and little details like that will come after I do this phase.  I will take recommendations, make corrections, then finish it up and send it out to be edited at that low level.

What’s in the book?  36 short stories that come out to a combined total of 70K words.  Some stories are 500 words, some 7000.  A few of the longer ones have not been on my blog in any shape or form while most of the stories have been here as rough drafts.  In other words, some may be familiar.  They are in all genre, but I think all have my “voice”.  I’m looking for a relatively short turn around on this because I want to get it into shape to publish in the very near future.

Are you interested?  If you already have my email you can send to me direct.  If not, put your email in the comments (use the words “dot” and “at” – Name at domain dot com instead of name@domain.com) – I will delete and/or change the address as soon as I read them.


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9 thoughts on “I Need You! (beta readers)

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  3. tj6james6

    I am a semi-professional beta reader, lol. Mostly for fanfic although I have done it for a couple of published for money authors as well, so please add me?
    Oh, you can see the list of what I’ve beta’d in fanfiction on my site, under Site Map, Stories I’ve beta’d, if you like.

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