Magic Mirror


Fast as Light Mind

The mirror is dull grey
Nothing, blank empty
But a throw of the switch
And the world is reflected there

The mirror sees what I want to see
Places and times
Things and people
But most of all, it sees you

But this dull grey mirror
Full of words and images
Is just a reflection
Is just a mirage
Just a tiny, flat rectangular slice
Of the large, spherical world
A bit of unreality
Glowing on my desk

We look into our grey mirrors
And react to our own reflection
We say and do and act

And we talk to the mirror
But often we just talk to ourselves
We talk to ghosts and reflections
We say things we want to hear
Thinking there’s no recourse
No pain
Just a shadow on a screen

Sometimes I look at the cold grey glow of the mirror
And remember
That behind that reflection of you
Behind the ghost on the screen
Is the real you
Of flesh and blood
Emotion and Thought
In the shadow and light
Hurt by a word or a slight
A real laugh, and real love
A real person
And for a moment that warmth
Of you is displayed
In the mirror of my mind
And I know the person that is you
And not just the reflection

And in the mirror 
I really see you
Which is is the true magic of the mirror

— — — —

Have you ever read hateful comments?  Have you seen emotional violence on the Internet?  Usually when we write here we are sitting by ourselves and, really, even if we are thinking of others we are writing to ourselves.  And then there is a day that it becomes painfully clear that words have meaning to others, that a word or a phrase cast causally about might hit a target and draw blood.  I try to remember that all of you out there are real flesh and blood people with dreams and hopes and wishes of your own, but often it boils down to me sitting alone in a room, writing to myself on that magic mirror.

Words matter.  Use yours wisely ;)

8 thoughts on “Magic Mirror

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  2. prior..2001

    good message about words – and I was just remebering that my least favorite place to share online are in the open forums – like the old yahoo groups – or other forums where folks come in and can be rude.
    I see it less with blogs – which i think is because there are boundaries or parameters – like – “my blog and your blog”as opposed to “open forum for all group members to post”

    I am not familiar wth other social media sites – even though I tried them – but I have heard you tube can have mean trolls and whatnot – and well – things can be rough-
    good poem too T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I haven’t really experienced it, but I know people that get nasty trolls on their blogs. I also see it on Face Book. A friend posts something. One of their friends makes a comment so a friend of that friend sees it and goes on a tirade. And look no farther than comments on news sites – always awful and hateful. But I agree, it was often much worse on open forums, though I’ve belonged to (and still do) some that are very civil.
      But yes, we often forget that our words can affect other people.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. prior..2001

        hi t – yes – I forgot about the news sites – and you are right – the open forums have very civil exchanges too – but in my experience there are always a couple be-Yotches – ha! or ego (in the education forums mostly)
        Hope you had a nice week – see u at the weekend coffee chat – French roast and French toast preorder?

        Liked by 1 person


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