Throwback -Oklahoma


When I was freshly out of college, or actually about a year out, I went to Oklahoma to go through a ten week screen process on my way to become an Air Traffic Controller.  Well, a few years down the road I made a career change and ended up in IT, but in many ways I consider it the start of my adult life.

There are so many stories about that summer, some good and some bad.  I learned many life lessons and found out a lot about myself.  I had lived on my own for a while so that wasn’t it.  There was more.

I’m back down there now.  I’m in a building almost next door to that one I spent ten weeks of my life sweating out the details to my future.  This time is also about the future, but in a different way.  I’m catching a glimpse of what my job might be like in a year or three.  Oh, very different, of course, but there are some similarities.  Of course in some ways it’s ironic, that in ways I’m reliving my past to move into the future.

Anyway, I know this is a strange “throwback”, but in ways it is a real one, I’m living the past instead of posting about it.  But then, I am a very different person – as the town has changed, I’ve changed even more.  So it is fun to see old places and bump into old friends.  The past is always with us, isn’t it?

— — —

Part II – Oil Well.

When I was very young we drove through Oklahoma.  We didn’t stop in the city so the only thing I remember are the oil wells that went right up almost to downtown.  I doubt if there are many oil wells in the trendier areas of the city any more, but there are quite a few on the airport’s grounds, like the one at the top of the page.  Don’t see many oil wells on the east coast, but I’ve sure seen a few here.  Nor do you see the wide open horizons out east – even flat Cape Cod has more topography, and New Hampshire… Uhm if you don’t know, Google it…


9 thoughts on “Throwback -Oklahoma

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  2. Zee

    “Living the past instead of posting about it”… I don’t know why but reading your post gave me this strange nostalgic feeling that I can’t really put into words. Very interesting throwback for sure though :)

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      You’re too young to get too nostalgic 😜. Ok, I guess you can be nostalgic, though I think it’s odd in some ways that this post brought it up. We’ve all had life defining moments even if we didn’t realize it when they were happening and we’ve all at one time or another revisited some of those moments. Perhaps bringing up the topic brought on the feeling even though there was little specific in the post, just the idea of returning to the past to go on with the future. But then, maybe I’m wrong😄 Yeah, I’ve seen movies for times that I never lived, so, all joking aside, I get it.😎

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      1. Zee

        Haha I’m glad you got it Trent. I always know you’d get it 😄 just as you said, it was a very vague feeling. More like a fleeting moment but it was there and i choose to acknowledge it. I now there isn’t much to it but I just mentioned it anyways :)

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  3. Pamela Morse

    I was born in Tulsa. My father and grandfather worked in the oil biz. I had a poem I recited when driving to Arkansas to visit my grandparents: “Up and down, up and down, making money hand over fist.”…my earliest composition…at about age 2

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