When I Think of You


When I think of you
The great balloon of you
Fills up
Pushing all else aside
Inner pressure
Too much
Almost to the breaking point
A chain reaction held in check
And it’s all you
Just you
Only you
Tingling all of my senses
On the verge of a cosmic burst
I feel when it does burst
It will be a multicolour supernova
Heat and passion released
The world filled with visions of you
The universe filled with the heat of the idea of you
But it stays in
The universe pre-Big Bang
Everything in the small space of my brain
Under pressure
When I think of you
All else is gone
When I think of you
Just you
When I think of you

— — — — —

This was an experiment.  What did you think?

11 thoughts on “When I Think of You

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  4. waltruistic

    I like the feel of this Trent. The intensity of feeling matching the tempo of the lines. I can also relate to these feelings in my own experience. Very nice.

    Liked by 1 person


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