Blue Moon 31 July 2015

Listen to the wolf.  Do you hear what it’s saying?  Can you hear the loneliness and the longing?  No, really listen.  Do you hear it?  In its howls it is singing a song, a song to the Moon.

The Moon is for wanting.  The Moon is for longing.  The wolf knows.  Look at her up there, so beautiful but always out of reach.  She’s like a long dead lover.  She still tugs on your heart but you can feel no warmth from her touch.  But then, the sun may touch you with his hot fingers, but he can also burn and torture.  You don’t have to worry about being burned by that dead lover, the Moon.

And yet she is so alive, so much in the present, the keeper of time.  Her silver fingers tickle your upturned face, her serene beauty tickles your upturned heart.  She is always there for you, smiling down for you and you alone.

The wolf knows.

She is always there, but she is also restless.  She walks around the sky like no other.  And she does seem to go away, but she always returns for you, she is always there.  Even when she’s not there you can feel her tug at the water of the world, tug at the water of your heart.

She is restless and recently she walked away from us, turned her back momentarily as the summer came to an end, as the hot storms raged up the coast.

But she has returned to her full glory, so let us celebrate like the wolf.  Let us celebrate this mistress of the lonely, this cold lady who smiles at all of her lovers who look on with longing.  Let’s howl one more time with the wolves and celebrate this friend of the sky the Moon.

— — — —

A bit of fun.  When I wrote this I didn’t realize that the next full moon is tomorrow, the 16th of September!  So I’m a day earlier in my celebration ;)

20 thoughts on “Moon

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! What is funny is I have always thought of the moon as “she” and the sun as “he”. I know different people and different myth cycles have it different ways, but you’re right that in Germanic and English speaking places the moon is “he” and the sun “she”. I’m not sure why it is reversed in my mind….

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  2. Zee

    I LOVE everything about this Trent!! Love love this. Your metaphors, the way you described the ambivalence in its state; both bitter sweet. How it’s there, but not really. Right there, but out of reach. I have to say this is one of my most fav post by you ! It’s nothing short of beautiful ❤️

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