I May Write a Song for You

Small clip of score - music by Trent P McDonald, phot by Trent P McDonald

I may write a symphony
That orchestras play
With a smile
Or I may write a bold pop hit
That will never go
Out of style
I may even write a great jazz standard
Everyone will hum that haunting tune
And I might just write a sentimental song
That lovers will sing
As long as in the sky
Hangs a lover’s moon
I may write all of these
Doubtful, but true
But there is no melody
I could ever write
That’s as beautiful as you

14 thoughts on “I May Write a Song for You

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  2. charlypriest

    Holy crap, you really wrote that?
    If you did that was some Bethoven ( I know I spell that incorrectly) type of thing
    So I´ll give you this since it is what I´m listening right now, see if you like it, puts me on some mood to writ certain things, specially when I have 3 disco bars under my window

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      The blues are great and John Lee Hooker is a master. I like just about everything, but I wouldn’t like 3 discos under my window (I like to sleep ;) ).

      Several years ago I wrote a lot of classical. The picture at the top is the first page of “The Hamlet Symphony”. I put it out on CD and sold, what, I think 5 copies, 6?…. And one was to my mom….



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