The October Blue Sky

Swans in Mill Pond, Milford, MA

I think of you in the chiseled autumn light
Dead leaves crunching underfoot
A breeze hinting winter’s first chill
I think of you alone
For October is a lonely month
Painted distinct and clear
No pastel of summer
Or January’s black and white
Everything stands out
In knife sharp detail
On your head I count each hair
Below your eye I see a tear
Life’s joy wanes with the daylight
Bright-color lively days
Turn to the chill of
Melancholy nights
As I walk
Through a wood red and orange
Across fields turned to gold
I think of you
Under the October blue sky

19 thoughts on “The October Blue Sky

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      1. Zee

        I never actually thought of it before until you mentioned it; how sky is only this blue in October. That is so incredibly true. And maybe around March as well. When spring is coming.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Autumn is my favorite season and October my favorite month, even though it is a bit melancholy. Yesterday I stood and watched the sky just because it was a color that I only see once a year. Looking around, even the dull color stand out crisp and clear, but there are so many colors that aren’t dull! The air smells so… Anyway, can you tell I love October? ;) Yes, though it be bittersweet…


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