Three Year Blog Anniversary!

Dabble - Sketch by Trent P McDonald

The summer of 2013 was just coming to a close when I typed “The End” at the end of my book, ”The Fireborn”.  So the next thing I needed to do was find a way to get an agent interested in the book.  Every resource I looked at said, “You need a blog.”  After playing around with the idea, doing another draft of the book and a bit of field research, I decided to start my blog.  I already had a website, Trent’s World, so I figured I would play off of that Theme and thus “Trent’s World – The Blog” was born.  I put up my first post in the evening on November 11, 2013, three years ago today.


I had no idea what made blog tick when I put up that first post.  In my head I had a type of online magazine.  What I discovered was closer to a super Facebook on steroids.  You put up a post, it’s read by the people who follow you, and the next day it is gone and forgotten.  Very few people stop and browse.  And most of the readers are other bloggers.  But then, there is the social side.

I have met a lot of people from all over the world.  Some I call my friends.  Some are very good friends.  This was an unintentional side effect.  I had no idea I would spend my days chatting with so many people.

Besides the friends I’ve made and the people I’ve met, this has been a place where I share posts, a lot of posts.  In fact, a little over a week ago I put up my 1000th post!  Interestingly enough, about two months ago I hit my 1000th “true” follower (i.e., someone who clicked the “follow” button), and I’ve actually gained about 100 more in those few weeks.  Anyway, back to the posts….

A lot of my early posts were about writers’ resources.  I’ve done a few more recently, but for the most part I quickly branched out to “creative” resources.  In fact, creativity became one of the themes of my blog.  Not just writing about it, but sharing my creative output for anyone who cared to see, read or listen to it.

Early on I used to create a new drawing or computer painting for at least one post a week and every post if I could find time.  There are dozens, maybe hundreds of drawings and paintings on my blog.  I haven’t had time to do many lately, but I hope to get back to drawing for the blog.

I’ve also shared thousands of photographs.  A handful were made just for the blog, but the vast majority were from little galleries I posts usually centered on a small vacation or other event.

I’ve posted a lot of music and have talked about music a lot.  At one time I tried to keep up with adding music posts to my music page, but I’ve given up.  I have, however, kept up with the videos and there are now links to about a dozen of them on that page.  I also put out a CD of my Hamlet Symphony while I’ve been blogging and there are many posts about it.

I have written over 130 poems.  Some are simple haikus, some a bit more complex.  I’ve been told some work very well, while others, uhm, well…

I have put up over 200 fiction posts.  That includes the “real time book”, “The Halley Branch”.  For those not around, I wrote a chapter a day, some chapters up to 2000 words long, and posted a new chapter every day for a month.  I also put up 11 parts of my “A New Life (AKA Frank)” series, 47 Friday Fictioneer stories (100 words or less) and over 115 other works of fiction form a couple of hundred words to almost 5000.  I am soon going to release a book of short stories, most of which appeared on the blog (all of the stories have been greatly revised!)


I’ve been posting a “If We Were Having Coffee” post almost every week for the almost two years.  This is an informal chat that is put on by Parttime Monster.

There have been throwback posts, just random memories and ramblings.  As a similar thing, I’ve posted a few “Creative Nonfiction” posts, posts that are written in the style of fiction yet are not.  And other odds and ends including blogging about blogging.

For a while I was deeply involved in the 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion movement and put up dozens of posts about compassion.  I need to write more…

I put up a “smile a day” post every day in December of 2015.  This led directly into my “Weekly Smile” series of posts which is in its 45th week!

Wow, that was a lot of posting.  And I’m sure I missed something.

Anyway, it’s been a good three years and I’m sure there will be three more and possibly even three after that, and then three and then….

Thank you to all of you who have help make this a great journey!

(An image of the two year blogaversary party ;) )

2 years

Oh, and by the way, I never did find and agent for my first (or second or third) book… (not that I’ve had time to look!)

Dinner Guest

21 thoughts on “Three Year Blog Anniversary!

  1. prior..

    happy blog bday T.
    and enjoyed the wrap up.
    I always love to hear about blog journeys and think of my own and how my path has evolved.

    also – super nice summary of what you blogged about – the poems and the various themes….
    nice stats to have. I might do this at some point….

    anyhow, here’s to year 4.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Y! It has been an interesting three years! As i always say, I’m a stats nerd and like to crunch the numbers to see where I’ve been. I agree, we’ve all had an evolving blogging journey and it’s sometimes fun tosee where people have been.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. trentpmcd Post author

          I have the short story book I’m self-publishing then two novels that I want to do something with, so my blog will still be here to support my writing, but in the future I may actually have some writing to support! Other than, not real plans or goals with the blog.

          How about you? Do you have plans or goals for yours?


  2. charlypriest

    Happy anniversay Trent, and in my case I would like to spend more time in the wordpress world.A world I learn a lot from. Hopefully Santa buys me a computer next month so I don´t have to hijack the computer of others, I have become a pirate computer.

    Liked by 2 people

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