Only Human


Sometimes I get angry
I hate everyone in the world
I’m only human
You nod, aren’t we all, aren’t we all

And that’s just it, we are all human
With all that implies
And that shared humanity
The compassion and love
That’s all part of being
Only human
Every one of us, all

I try to live by the ideals
To tolerate all but intolerance
To hate only hate
To celebrate the differences
To embrace my neighbors near and far
But I’m only human
Aren’t we all?

If the world frowns at you
If you are surrounded by those that hate
Come and see me
And I’ll try to help
With what little I have
But I’m only human
But aren’t we all?

14 thoughts on “Only Human

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Robyn. It has been a week of reflection for a lot of people down here (and up there too, I know). As just one of 300 million it’s hard to know what I can do, but, hey, got to try, right?

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I agree that those artistic endeavors can help immensely, but unfortunately they can be subverted to the dark side. But over all I agree, anything that helps us stay in touch with our humanity, which the arts usually do, is a good thing.

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      1. camilledefleurville

        I would say that I was raised to think that all is politic(s). This is a philosophical opinion and attitude : to feel part of the “polis”.
        Father was from Eastern France where many wars were fought and not far from his old home there was a concentration camp I was made to visit when I was a little more than seven. Members of his family had belonged to the French Resistance in WWII, great-grand-fathers had known the trenches of WWI, etc. I went out of the camp perfectly sick.
        I learnt that day there were many ways to resist dark forces and that there was what the Germans called “inner resistance”: when one did resist by reciting poetry or remembering excerpts of novels, viewing in his mind a painting of Vermeer or listening to a Bach fugue. Art could be created by some and was their way of being political human beings. But art might also be used by others to refuse the dark side, and that was a political attitude as well.
        I don’t know if I am able to create something that would qualify as art, but the latter helps me through my days and nights.

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