The Self Appointed Expert


What you’re doing is wrong
Can’t you see I’m right?
I thought about it all day
And worked on it all night
You think I’m just a noob
That hasn’t got a clue
Let me tell you, mister
I know a lot more than you!
Sure you have experience
And you have an advanced degree
But I know the greatest expert
Is nobody but me!
I heard about it when I was six
About ten years ago
And in those intervening years
I found all there is to know
No, I haven’t really used it
Why do you even ask?
It is beneath me
To take on that silly task
So don’t you keep on chuckling
At all the insults I hurled
Don’t you know I’m the greatest expert
That there is in this great world?

— — — — —

I was reading a forum about some equipment the other day and saw a post something like this poem.  One person answered, but nobody else touched it.  I think, like me, they were all sitting back laughing quietly.

14 thoughts on “The Self Appointed Expert

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. I don’t think the original inspiration was a teen, but I decided to make the poem about a teen mostly because I know that teens are know it all experts ;) (The original inspiration did say they’d first learned about it when they were six, but didn’t say an age)

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      1. prior..

        Oh cool- and I love how you share sources as opposed to trying to just share material – I guess I am thinking of a preacher dude we knew who used to modify bill hybels sermons – and we felt like he should mention the source – similar to the way Ravi Zacharias used to do – he would say “so and so said —” and then go on.
        Anyhow – when you mentioned that – that is what I was thinking of….

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Yep ;) Actually, besides the line that he has been following it since he was six, all of this was just “inspired by”, i.e., taking a rant about a very specific technology and making it very general.
          (Side note – Once I visited by dad’s church. I asked him after the service if there was a book with pre-canned sermons. He sighed. Yes, and that minister used a book with very minimal editing. I could tell.)



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