Christmas, 24x7x365

Sad Brady

Sad Brady

Once again
It’s that time of year
When on every lip
Is “Be of good cheer!”
We say peace on Earth
And to all good will
With high spirits
Our hearts do fill
But why can’t we do this
All year round?
Why only at Christmas
Do these feeling abound?
For every day
We should do what we can
To help every woman,
Child and man
Every effort should go
To make Earth more like heaven
By acting with compassion
Twenty Four by Seven
So start today
To help all alive
And hold out a hand
On all Three Sixty Five
— — — — —
I wrote this for Solveig to use in her Advent Calendar, which she did on Sunday. I was going to repost her version, but I wanted to make sure the whole thing is on my blog – I like it and want all of the words here :) But, since I wrote it for her blog, please go visit! Go see what everyone else did for her Calendar! There’s some great stuff this year! There was last year too :)  (Yes, I did two posts for the calendar, though Sunday was a shared day with several contributors.)

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