Weekly Smile 54 #weeklysmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

Weekly Smile #WeeklySmile

(I got the image fixed!)

Life is full of many smiles
But occasionally we must frown
For how can you tell if you are really up
If you have never really been down?
Each day has its little bumps
Every week has its hills
From being pulled over by the cops
To discovering overdue bills
So when you meet with ugliness
And people filled with bile
Greet life with good attitude
With good heart and with a smile

This has been a rocky week.  This week’s smile is ordering a new computer.  I will also smile about having the foresight to back up my manuscript to a usb drive after every edit/update.  All of my financial documents are safe (well, most), but I lost the last 3 years of photos (my old 500 GB drive for photos is filled up and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it, so about 200 GB gone).  But I’ll have a nice, brand new computer next week!  And that is something to smile about!

I have a low end laptop at my cottage on Cape Cod so I’ll go down there to have something to work on until the new baby arrives.  So that is something else to smile about!  But until I make it down there I might not be on Word Press very much.  I’m doing this from my work computer, which is not really a great thing.  Of course, this is all a first world problem!  Which of course gives me a chuckle.

I just tried to do a linkup and the page is blocked by my work’s firewall, so no linkup this week.  If you want to join in, just do a pingback here!  I’ll have a linkup for next week!

So that is my smile this week, looking at my first world problems and knowing how lucky I am :)

If you haven’t seen it, here is a little background to The Weekly Smile as well as some quick guidelines.

So, what made you smile this week? Write about it and post on the link-up (or click the little blue frog below). While you’re there, read what everyone else is smiling about! And come back to it later, if last week is any indication new smiles will be added daily! (note – there is no linkup this week, but I’m keeping the paragraph in so I can copy it next week ;) )

Note – the weekly smile runs Wednesday Morning to Wednesday morning.  I post in the morning (Eastern US) and put up the link usually between 7 and 8 AM EST.  I also try to post on Sunday as a reminder.  People can and do join throughout the week.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Smile 54 #weeklysmile

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  5. Sarina

    Oy! Computer issues can be very frustrating first world or not. I’m finding Dropbox to be an invaluable tool. I know other similar services are offered by other companies such as Google. My P.C. Also recently packed up, which has me using the back up – thankfully I got one. The back up however still has very outdated software and Dropbox will open my documents on my browser. Pretty handy that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’m a computer professional (or was back in the day, I’m a PM now) but I still hate computer problems. I’m going to look into cloud based storage and backup, it’s just that I have (had!) well over 1 TB of photos. I have a lot backed up so I don’t know how much I lost, but mostly likely about 300 GB. Everything else, all of my writing and most of my music (but not videos) were backed up (my music = music I wrote and recorded, videos = videos I made). I guess to be safe I’ll have to find out how much it costs to have 1 or 2 TB of cloud storage/backup….

      Liked by 1 person

        1. trentpmcd Post author

          Over 1 TB photos; music collection; I write and record music, so back up of all of that; I use my music for videos, so backup of that; writing; and room for future expansion… Yep, a lot of space!

          Liked by 1 person

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I’ve tried putting the hard drive in an old computer and no luck. If it doesn’t work with the new one I’ll see if I can have an expert at data recovery get the files. If it’s too expensive, oh well…. I try to be a “the glass might be half empty, but it’s refillable” type of person ;)

      Liked by 1 person


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