Matchstick Heart

I love the beach...

Smoldering heart
The flame long gone
Comes near to a fire
To flame anew
Does your heart still smolder
Though cold of love
And will nearing my heat
Rekindle passion in you?

– – –

They say to never try to explain your poetry – if people don’t get it, then change it ;)  I just want to make one quick comment in case it isn’t clear.

Have you ever blown out a match and then held it above a still lit match?  Even though the flame never touches the smoldering match, it bursts into flame.  In a child’s eyes it looks almost like magic.

OK, so a slightly longer comment.

7 thoughts on “Matchstick Heart

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  2. sherloque

    Mmmm mmm (that’s French for “I don’t agree”) It might work for matches… However if a relationship broke, you’d better find the reason, the unsaid reason.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I agree, but I was thinking of those times when you see, think of, or whatever, a long lost love and your heart thumps a little louder and a little faster. Not necessarily saying it is a good idea to go off and chase that long lost love, but sometimes just having that feeling again, even if just for a moment, is enough…



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