The Day in White

View to Swan Pond

Sunlight on deep snow
Bright red cardinal on the branch
Thaws the frozen heart

— — — — 

Cardinal in the bush

It is cold and the snow is deep around me.  In places the piles reach far above my head.  It is still below freezing, but the sun feels warm.  A cardinal flits amongst the branches of a shrub, it’s bright red jumping out against the bright white.  On this February the 14th I think it is a great metaphor for the holiday.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Sorry, no photos of the cardinal in the snow – I’ll try to get one later.  And top photo is from two years ago – new snow photos coming soon!)

13 thoughts on “The Day in White

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Wow, quite a prize for 200 words! The pictures look beautiful, but I’m sure there is a huge amount of upkeep. If I were ready to retire and wanted to head south, but I’ll pass on it this time.

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