Tryst #writephoto

Photo ©Sue Vincent

Photo ©Sue Vincent

The lengthening shadows and growing darkness made the woods difficult to navigate, but the thought of an evening with Mary strengthened Ian’s resolve to reach the remote location.  Still, a bit of doubt darkened his mood.  What if he were there?  Ian dashed the thought from his mind and continued through the tangles of the underbrush until he finally saw his destination.

The little cottage was in the perfect location.  It was remote enough to ensure privacy, yet close enough to civilization to have all of the necessities of modern life, such as electricity and Internet service.

Ian stood and watched, waiting for the prearranged signal.  The sun set across the valley below, the violet and crimson of its rays echoing the warmth of Ian felt.

“Please be the left room, please,” Ian whispered.

If Steven had come to the cabin with Mary, she would turn on the light in the bedroom on the right side of the cottage.  If she were alone, she’d light the left.

The sun continued to sink, casting giant, misshapen shadows across the hillside and cottage.  No lights were to be seen.

Was it still too light out so he couldn’t see it?  Was Steven there and keeping her from lighting the right light?  Was she even able to make it to the rendezvous?  Ian could feel his heartbeat, strong in his chest, as he waited.

It was pitch black and still no sign of a light in either window.  Head down, and heart heavy, Ian turned to go.

But wait, was there a light?  He turned back.  Yes!  The left window was lit in full electric glory.

The door opened before he could even knock.

“He’s not here?  You’re alone?”

“No, he’s not here.  We are alone.  Oh, I’m so glad you came! He just doesn’t understand me.”

Once the door was closed and their privacy ensured, they made their way to the back room.  Although it had been weeks since they were last together, they quickly picked up right where they left off.

After the first adrenaline rush began to fade, they leaned back on the couch, side by side.

“Why’d you have to marry a guy who hates video games so much?”

“You’re one to ask!  Doesn’t Becky tell you that all gamers are kids or simpletons?”

Ian looked at her and laughed.  “I guess I’m just lucky to have such a cool kid sister!”

“And I’m blessed with a great older brother.  Hey, I think I can get this place again in a couple weeks.  I think it’s perfect!  So, what do you say, make it another Game Night?”

“You bet!  I’ll be here!”

— — — — —

So, Sue named this writephoto “Tryst”.  On seeing that word my mind immediately went out to a clandestine meeting between lovers.  Of course, that sounded boring, so I decided that it was a clandestine meeting between video game lovers.  I hope you enjoyed the bit of a twist in my Tryst ;)

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

31 thoughts on “Tryst #writephoto

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  4. idiotwriter

    Thing is, that is what makes your stories so damn great- I knew there would be a twist in it, so as I read I was always trying to figure out what it would be this time! Very clever and funny one!
    Though, if I am honest, I was also kinda hoping for it not have quite that kind of twist, but a little more twisting. :P Looks like a very nice spot for a tryst to be fair.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I’m predictable in my unpredictability. I was thinking of doing a hot and steamy story – I have done one or two, but not many – but couldn’t think of a way to make it interesting without it being, uhm, too interesting ;)

      Liked by 1 person


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