Guest author: Trent P. McDonald – Telling tales

I did a guest post over at Sue Vincent’s blog. Check it out! And if you haven’t read her blog, check that out while you’re there!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Image: Sue Vincent Image: Sue Vincent

Come on over, pull up a log and sit a spell.  I’ll build up the fire and then tear a hole in the universe to transport us to another place and time.  I might just take us back to yesterday’s mammoth hunt or maybe I’ll throw us forward to a space-based civilization a million years in our future.  For I am a practitioner of one of the world’s oldest professions and will ply you with my trade.

What, you say the oldest professional is she who sells her body?  Have you forgotten about the man or woman who sells their soul, the shaman, priest, priestess, wizard or witchdoctor?  And what about the ones who sells their dreams and imagination, the story tellers?

Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish between these three oldest professions, with words creating magic in your mind so you see and hear what is…

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