Executive Meeting


PHOTO PROMPT © Shaktiki Sharma


The entire executive staff went to a temple for some unknown religion. Said it wasn’t religious, just a good place for negotiations.

What happened?

They had an all-day closed door meeting.  I can’t get anything out of my reliable sources.

Yeah, but the fall out….

No kidding.  That odd org-chart and over half of the management team quitting on the spot.

Not to say anything about the new mission statement.

Just bonkers.  I asked Sue about it.  She just burst into tears.

What I would have given to be a bug on the wall at that meeting!

No kidding!

— — —

Word count = 99

Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  This week’s prompt is here and uses a photo provided by © Shaktiki Sharma.  Read more or join in by following the InLinkz “linky.

29 thoughts on “Executive Meeting

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        1. trentpmcd Post author

          I’ve seen that happen from the outside. Pretty tough if you’ve spent the last 20 or 25 years climbing the ladder… A few years ago we merged IT from several branches/LOBs. Since they couldn’t really fire anyone, it made it top heavy for a short time. Several of the people who were at the top of their divisions but didn’t hit the CIO spot (or same spot on org chart they had held) quit, so that help us, if not them…

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Rommy

    I have memories of being nervous while the big shots in whatever company I was working for at the time had their closed-door meetings. Yep, I can see tears being involved.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Rochelle. There is something about the bug in the picture that makes it look like it’s listening in to whatever is happening inside that building….



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