Poetry and Prose – A Divergence?

Mt. Lafayette

Mt. Lafayette after starting down the ridge

Two paths either diverge or collide, I haven’t decided which…

Early in the history in my blog I decided to post a poem every Tuesday.  This was my first regular feature and the only one that has lasted.  In the past several weeks I’ve occasionally gone back and read a poem or two or five.  I am not a great poet, but I do enjoy many of them.

People who have been reading my blog recently might know that I am in the middle of a writing streak.  I’ve been posting quite a few stories, have been posting a serialized novel and have been editing two other books off line. My prose writing is full-steam ahead.

OK, here is where it all goes wrong.

I have had a hard time writing poetry lately.  I’ll be honest and say it is rarely easy, but in the past I would get to Tuesday morning, sit down, and write something.  I’d do a few quick edits and put it up.  90% of I was pleasantly surprised at the results.

Lately?  Nothing.

I sit down and try to force it.  Pure drivel at best.  Blank page at worse.

I posted a poem today, but I really don’t like it.  I didn’t post a new one last week.  In fact, I haven’t posted many new poems in the last few weeks.  Or months.

So, is there a slider in my brain that has prose at one and poem at the other?  Is this slider now pushed 100% into the prose side?

And is this a divergence or a convergence?  Does my aims of writing a poem every week no matter what collide with the reality of my writing at any given time, or is my brain just on a different path, one leading into the prose woods instead of the fields of poetry?

Anyway, I will continue writing.  If any poems come out if this writing, well, you’ll see the results here.

Just some silly, random thoughts :)

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