Shore – #writephoto


Shore – Photo by Sue Vincent

I looked at the faces around the dinner table.  There wasn’t a spark amongst them, they all looked tired and about ready to fall down on the spot.   It had been rough going and the future didn’t look any easier.

That was it.  Something had to be done to keep everyone upright.  After dinner I sat and thought about it.

It was obvious that we as a family were unstable and likely to collapse, and that we as individuals were almost as bad.  I knew that I was pretty close to that point where the gravity of the situation might take over.  I needed something to hold myself together, to prop me up.  I knew that if I was stable, it would be the first step in keeping us all upright.  One solid beam could do it.

But how do you fix the foundations of a person and a family?

We obviously needed a break away from the routine.  I was sure some time away would do it.

I racked my brain and scoured the Internet.

I finally found the perfect solution!

It took only moments to book the reservations and get the plans together.

Once we were there, relaxing in surf, sun and sand, I knew that I had made the perfect decision.

I knew that a week at the shore would shore us up perfectly 😉

— —

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

I got fixated by the title of this week’s challenge, and so had to write a story that was a pun.

17 thoughts on “Shore – #writephoto

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. I do love spending time on the shore (I have a cottage on Cape Cod that’s about a mile and half from the ocean). It is so relaxing. But I had to find a way to get that pun in there…

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