IIdea – What do you think?


Are you and engineer?  Do you work at a high end energy company?  If so, can you try this for me (it won’t cost too many millions…) and let me know how it works?

Have you ever passed by a windmill farm and noticed several of them not running even thought there was a stiff wind?  One problem with wind-power is that it generates electricity when there is wind, not when there is demand.

Of course, windmills have done other things besides make electricity, like turn stones or pump water.  If you pump water to a higher elevation and then let it run back down, you can generate hydro-electric….

OK, how about having a huge weight in a tower.  When the wind is strong but the demand low, have the windmill raise the huge weight up the tower.  When there is little wind but high demand, it slowly goes back down and generates electricity on its way.  We are talking a very, very big weight….  I can see several towers around each mill.  It would be a physical capacitor, storing the latent energy for when it is needed.

If you do work for an energy company can you test it out for me?  I can send you schematics of what I am thinking of…  Yes?  No?

Just a thought.  Sometimes we all need to just think.

Have you thought of any ideas?  They may be silly.  The may have been tried.  They may be impossible.  But think something new, put it out there and see what people think.

1 thought on “IIdea – What do you think?

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