Some Photos from Cape Cod, Late April 2017


OspreyEvery year I do a short “Spring Break” on Cape Cod and every year I do a photo post when I get back.  I feel a little bad this year, because I took so few good photos, but I’m going to post some anyway.

From my Weekly Smile last week:
I took a short vacation at the end of last week.  yes, I only visited my cottage on Cape Cod, which I typically do a couple of times a month, but I took time off of work.

Osprey Fly 3

I kayaked several times, walked on the beach, walked in the woods, ate seafood, took dogs to the beach, took dogs to the woods, played with dogs, ran, etc., etc.  It was a great time.  And I got the outdoor shower running again, so I showered outside.  I know that sounds odd, but there is something about it.  And I even went into the water, though it was cold.


Here are some photos.  Click on any to see more detail and to create a slide show.  I hope you enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Some Photos from Cape Cod, Late April 2017

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks! I don’t think they’re the best photos I’ve taken down there, but I’ll keep them – and the experience taking them is what really counts, and that was great!

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