Wasp – #MinFiction


I so wanted to meet her, but I always embarrassed myself.  Her hourglass figure drew me in.

I was about to say something when she turned to her friend and said, “Can you tell that creepy guy to leave me alone?”

Stung again.

— — — —

I’m trying something new – #minFiction = one minute fiction.  Nortina S. at Lovely Curses has set up a challenge where you write a work of fiction in one minute.  Yes, just one!

Here is today’s challenge.

(OK, the bug in the drawing is a fly, but if I spent 1 minute on the story, I didn’t want to spend an hour on a new drawing!)

10 thoughts on “Wasp – #MinFiction

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. It was fun to work with such a restriction. The drawing originally went with a story I took down when I included it in my book of short stories.

      I think we all do that – I’ve chatted in comments with people off and on for a while before realizing I wasn’t following them.

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