Lyndsey Again (Phone Call) – The Old Mill

(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Izle Again.  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

“Hey Gill, what’s up?  Your text sounded a little…”

“Hi Lyndsey.  I hope I didn’t worry you too much, but I wanted to tell you that there was an accident and that Izle died.”

“Oh.  Izle?”

“Yeah, Isabel Parker.  Here’s the thing.  She said she had something to warn me about, something big.  I blew her off and said I’d meet with her on Monday, today.  I planned to see her about the time she died, but was delayed by work and traffic.”

“Oh.  That’s…”

“Wait, there’s more.  One of the ghosts told me that it wasn’t over, that there would be deaths and I needed to be vigilant.  Even Amy’s dad, Bob Lansing, sent me a message that it isn’t over and to be careful.  I think Izle’s death is related to all of this.  And If I had been home on time…”

“Now Gill, don’t go blaming yourself.  You are not responsible.  Maybe I do need to get you out of that town for a while, if not for your safety, for your peace of mind.  As I said, she was not your responsibility.  OK?”

“Yeah, I know.  It’s just that with all of those warnings, well, I’m a little concerned.  Also about Jessica.  But, yeah…”

“I get it.  It sounds like you had an odd day.  Do you want to know about mine?”

“Of course.  I… Wait.  Damn, how could I forget!  Yes, please tell me.  I’m sorry I went on so long about this.”

Lyndsey laughed.  “I guess you must have been upset to forget.  Or wasn’t it that important?”

“Yeah, yeah, it was only about as important as my heart beating or that there was enough Oxygen in the air.  So what’s up? Are you now the Director of Research at Batcha Biotics?”

“Whoa, slow down.  I hope you don’t make love at that pace, jumping to the end and expecting to lay back with a smoke before we finish the first kiss.”

“Ok, ok, you can go at the pace that pleases you and work us up to a great climax.  Uhm, that is, a great climax to the story.”

“It’s much more pleasant that way, don’t you think?  It makes it all more intense.”

“It does.  Is all of this still the foreplay before the story of your day?  Have we passed the first kiss stage yet?”

“Impatient as usual.  On to my day, then.  When I got into the office, I was shown in to see Carol.  Her office was bigger than some efficiencies that I’ve lived in.  She has a huge desk, a display case full of our products, some bookshelves and a little sitting area, like a small living room.  When I entered, she came around the desk, shook my hand and we sat at a couple of close chairs, like best friends.”

“I’ve spent a few afternoons in our CIO’s office.  It’s like that, except, of course, the display case for technology.  Instead he has a shelf full of Star Wars toys, many going back to the 70s.  So you and Carol got comfy and chatted like sisters.”

“Exactly.  Truthfully, there are few people I’ve felt as comfortable talking to.  Obviously you’re one, but none of my bosses or anyone else I’ve worked with.  It took me by surprise.  Of course I’ve met her and have talked on the phone a few times, but this was different.”


“And that’s what we did for at least an hour, just chatted.  I learned about her, but of course we talked mostly about me, about my career and such.  She was interested in everything.  And I told her everything.”

“Everything?  Even about that time that…  Oh, never mind.”

“Yes, even about that.  Smarty.  After chatting about life in general for a while, we talked about my expectations with Batcha Biotics.  What did I want from my career?  What was I looking for?  I told her a little about my dad.  And I told her that I had dreamed about being in charge of research at a big technology company long before I even thought about meeting a Prince Charming.”


“Thought you’d like that.  And, actually, her response wasn’t much different than yours.  She stared at me for a while.  I started to feel like a specimen under a microscope.  At last she said, ‘Yes, but how do you feel about that now?  Tell me about him, this Prince Charming of yours.’  So I did.  I told her all about you and our relationship.”

“I like this woman.”

“You should, she was on your side.  After I told her about you, she said, ‘The one thing I don’t want to have happen is for a few years down the road I look into your eyes and see resentment towards me and the company because we took away your personal life.  What if this is it?  What if Gill really is the love of your life?  Do want to give it up?  Don’t’ answer, listen.  I can be a slave master, but at the end of the day, the lives of my employees and their families are what counts.  I have pissed off so many bean-counters it’s not funny.  To me there is more than cold profits.  We are here to make the best product that we can so we can help our customers, who need these products to live normal lives.  And we need to do it in a way so that our employees also have good lives.  You are not a drone, a worker bee.  You are human first.’  She actually said all of that.  My jaw dropped.”

“You’re right, I like her a lot.  And then what?  Oh yes, we need to slow down, work our way up.  But man, the anticipation is growing.  This will be quite the climax.  I hope at least.”

“By the end of the day, I loved her like a sister.  Well, not quite like Jess.  I can’t love anyone quite like Jess, since she is so unique, but…”

“Getting cozy with the big boss lady…”

“Yep.  Back to the story.  After her statement about wanting me to be a human first and a worker second, she started asking about my weekend, where I went and such.  I told her both the good and bad.  And we chatted a bit more.  Did I tell you that she is one of the easiest people to talk to that I have ever met?  I didn’t hold back and she responded in kind.  She told me a lot about herself and her background.  We talked about Burlington and about Amesbury.  Of course we talked about her husband, about Jason, you know, my ex, and about you.”

“I hope only good things.  About me, that is.  I don’t care about Jason.”

“Did I ever tell you that Jason was jealous of you?  He only met you a few times, but yeah.  I think it was because of Jess teasing me about you.  Or maybe he saw what I failed to see at the time, and that deep down inside I always knew that Jess was right about the two of us.  Anyway, a story for another time.”

I was glad she couldn’t see me because I was sure I was a dozen shades of red.

“We went out to lunch and chatted there.  We took a short walk before going back to the office.  Like I said, I had a full day appointment with her and it just clicked when we met.”

“Cool.  It’s always good to get along with your boss.”

“It is.  But this seemed like more.  Anyway, late in the afternoon I went out to the lady’s room.  When I came back, she was behind her desk.  She motioned for me to sit in a chair in front of the desk.”

“Oh oh.”

“At first she asked me a little bit about Amesbury.  She typed something as I was talking.  She then read a list of high tech companies that are within a 20 mile radius of Amesbury.”

“That’s a pretty big radius and would take in quite a few companies.  I mean some, like Coopers, are even in Amesbury.”

“Yeah, it was a long list.  I had known about some of them, had heard of others without realizing they were in New Hampshire and never heard of quite a few.  When she was done reading the list, she told me that there was nobody that she’d rather have as the head of the Research Department.  That I was the perfect fit for the job.  But…”

“Is that a good ‘but’ or a bad ‘but’?”

“I won’t lie, I was worried.  But she went off on a tangent again.”

“You are some expert at delaying the climax, an artist.  If you’re like this in bed….”

“I might be, but it seems like Carol is even better at it than I.   She’s the one that stretched it out so long, making the anticipation greater.  I can tell you that I was about to burst at this point.  As far as performance in bed, I hope we find out soon enough.  That’s for me, not Carol, smarty.  You better not find out with Carol!”

“I won’t if you don’t.  OK, so what was this climax delay, I mean tangent?”

“She said that they needed to close the Burlington office, but a handful of top engineers wanted to stay up north.  Maybe not Burlington, but not the DC area either.  In fact, a few said they’d look elsewhere if forced to decide.  She had been thinking about getting an old mill building and rehabbing it into a secondary research place.  The main one has to stay in Silver Springs, where everything is happening.  She said that she was thinking about a kind of secret, cutting edge type of place, sort of the Skunk Works of Batcha Biotics.”

“There are plenty of skunks up here in good old Cow Hampshire, so I’m sure this would be the place for a secret research lab.”

“Exactly.  So she is throwing around the idea of putting the little lab up in New Hampshire and having me stationed up there.  I’d have to do a lot of travel, of course, but not as much as you’d think.  Don’t tell anyone, but we just bought some advanced virtualization software.  Here’s a quick rundown.  I can be up in New Hampshire, put on some augmented reality goggles and work with an engineer in Silver Springs.  I would be able to see and manipulate the real world object that he or she would be working on.  It would be just like being there.  The name was something like ‘Holo-Specs’.  Get it?  Like the sci-fi Holo-deck?  Holo-Specs, Holo-desks?”

“Cool.  I could use something like that.  Of course, with code, I have it.  I can look over a coder’s or developer’s shoulder and watch them as they are working.  I don’t see the shoulder, but I see the code as it’s being created.”

“Yeah, but with this, I see the shoulder and the person.  They can turn to me and I can talk to them as if we were in the same room.  We went down and she gave me a 10 minute demo.  We had people in three lab rooms as someone demoed a prototype and it was like we were all in one meeting.  To say I was impressed would be an understatement.”

“Très cool.”

“Yes, very, very cool.  So that’s it.  I’ll start training next week.  I’ll be spending a lot of time in the next few months here in DC, but as soon as they start working on an office in New Hampshire, I’ll move there.  Oh, I forgot to tell you.  I’ll also be the facility manager of the place up there.  Besides our little ‘Skunk Works’, we’ll let people in other departments that stayed in the area use the facility as a telecommuting center.”

“Now that was worth the wait.  What a climax.  Thank you.  Beautiful.”

“Well, here is the encore.  Carol told me to take the rest of the week off.  I’ll fly home tomorrow.  I was thinking of coming up to Amesbury on Wednesday.  The problem is, Dad is mad at me for leaving you last week and not talking to you.  He said something about not being able to stay there.  You don’t happen to know of a place I can spend a few days, do you?”

“I have just the place.  A beautiful, large house.  It is kept up, inside and out, by a lovely lady by the name of Jessica.  She does a marvelous job.  There is a single man living there.  OK, truthfully, he’s divorced, but he has lived alone in this large house for many years.  I’m sure he can accommodate you.”

“It sounds like a wonderful place to me.”

“You’ll love it.  I have to warn you that the owner can be a bit eccentric at times, doing things like talking about himself in third person.  And chasing ghosts.  Things like that.  You get it.”

“I’m sure I’ll survive.  I’ll be there on Wednesday at about 5 PM.  Sound good?”

“Sounds great.  And then you can test your climax delaying strategies in a more interment setting.”

“Sure, Mr. Subtly, Mr. Romantic.  Not.  But, I’m more than ready to test them…  Oh wait, now I’m the one being impatient…”

“Part of the drawing out process.  Building up until…  So, you flying in tomorrow?”

“Yes.  Oh, thanks for reminding me.  I got to go and take care of some of my travel details.  I’ll talk to you tomorrow after I get home.”

“Looking forward to it.  Love you.”

“Love you.  Talk to you soon.”

— —

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