Where’s Lyndsey? – The Old Mill

(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Lyndsey Again (phone call).  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

Tuesday seemed to stretch on forever, but there really wasn’t much happening.  Sure, there was work and all, but the reason it seemed to stall was the anticipation of seeing Lyndsey on Wednesday.  We did text back and forth a dozen times and talked on the phone in the evening, but it only made the wait a little more bearable.  In fact, I said as much to Lyndsey, making a joke about our foreplay lasting 48 hours, so it had better be a good climax.

Wednesday started out little better.  I texted Lyndsey for the first time when I got to work and we talked for a few minutes at lunch.  But after that, she didn’t answer me.  The minutes stretched forever as I anticipated her call.  The clock came to a stall.

In the early afternoon, Lyndsey texted that she was behind and wouldn’t be able to make my house by 5 PM.  She thought 6 or 7 more likely.  And then she disappeared again.

It was around 5:45 PM when I received the next text from Lyndsey, “I’ll be up at the mansion soon.”

“What are you talking about?” I texted back.  No answer.  I tried her phone, but it went straight to voicemail.

A few minutes later, maybe around 6, I received another text, “Looking forward to seeing you and Jess in a few.”

Again, she wouldn’t answer my calls and texts.

To say I was worried would be an understatement.  What was she talking about when she mentioned the mansion?  The Goode Mansion?  Why would she bring up the Goode mansion?  I didn’t get it.  On the other hand, I wasn’t too surprised that she had invited Jessica since they had a very close relationship, but I wish she had said something.   Was this another tactic to delay that long anticipated climax, having her sister over for dinner?

At around a quarter after 7 PM, perhaps closer to 7:30, someone started pounding on my door.  I jumped up and rushed to the front of the house.  As I approached I could see that it was Jessica.  Before I had reached the door, she threw it open and ran into the house.

“Help, me,” she said.  “They’re killing Martha!”

“What?” I asked.  “I thought Martha went to the great beyond or the Other Side or whatever it’s called when the others went over the weekend.”

“No, she didn’t.  They also thought she would, but she didn’t.  They used you to try to get rid of her, but she’s still around.  Now they’re trying to kill her.”

“She’s already dead.  How do you kill someone who is dead?”

“They want to destroy her spirit or soul.  Make it so she can never go to the Other Side yet doesn’t exist here either.  They want her gone, as if she never existed”


“I don’t know.  Perhaps that woman has learned a way.  She used her powers to keep her husband tied to her after he died, perhaps she’s found a way to destroy a spirit.  I don’t know, I just know that Martha is in trouble and we have to save her.  I’m worried.  I haven’t felt her in hours, but I know she’s still there, trapped.”

“OK, calm down.  What do we need to do?”

“I don’t know.  I guess go up to the mansion.  But hurry!”

I grabbed my keys and got into my car.  Jessica got into the passenger side.  Looking at how she parked her truck, I was glad I was driving.

I made sure I wasn’t going overly fast and that I was being very careful.  It just seemed that this was the perfect time for an accident or a run in with the police.  Jessica, of course, kept telling me to go faster, but I knew what I was doing, at least as far as driving went.

“Jessica, try calling your sister.”  She gave me a blank look.  “Lyndsey, your sister.  You know she’s coming over tonight, don’t you?”  She shook her head, no.  “She is.  Call her and let her know where we are going.”

I wanted to kill two birds with one stone.  I needed Lyndsey to know where we were in case she showed up while we were out.  But I also wanted to distract Jessica.

“She doesn’t answer.  I have a bad feeling about it.  Martha said something about her and a plot.  Gill, I’m worried.  Drive faster!”

I was worried too.  Lyndsey had mentioned the mansion.  And there were all of those warnings.  But that nervousness made me even more cautious, so I stayed just a whisker above the speed limit.  It actually didn’t take us long to get there, anyway.

I decided that we didn’t have time to walk through the woods, so I parked out front.  The gate was wide open so we entered right onto the property and walked right up to the front door.  I was about to open it when Jess stepped back, round eyed.

“Stop!” she said.  I dropped the knob and turned towards her.  “This is a trap.  Damn, how could I have been so stupid?  Damn, let’s go.  Run!”

I turned to go, but the door behind us opened.  I turned and saw Barbara standing in it.  “You need to come in immediately or you are both dead,” she said.

Barbara stepped back behind the door revealing Sean.  He was holding a gun.  He had both hands and kept it point straight up.

“You heard her,” Sean said.  “In the house.  Now.”  He waved with the gun, but never pointed it at us.

Jess turned to me, tears in her eyes.  “But I can’t go in.  If I go in there and we’re together, I will lose myself.  And if that happens, we’re both vulnerable.  We have to stay separate, don’t you see?  That’s how they’re going to kill her.  By killing me.  We’ll both die.  Don’t you see?  We can’t be together.”

Barbara stepped back into sight.  She was pulling Lyndsey.  Lyndsey’s hands were tied and she had a bandana in her mouth.

“Oh no, Jessica,” Barbara said, “we aren’t going to kill you.  But we will kill your sister if you don’t come in.  And you, Gill?  I know you would like to get into your lover’s head, but do you want to do it literally when we blow her brains out?  You’ll have a front row seat if you don’t bring that bitch in the house immediately.”

“Lyndsey!” Jessica screamed.  I grabbed her so she didn’t run immediately.

“I think you guys are in it a bit too deep already,” I said.  “If you let her go, nobody will say anything about kidnaping.  Please, let’s be reasonable.”

Barbara twisted Lyndsey’s arm a little, not enough to break it, but enough to make it uncomfortable.  I remembered how athletic she was and could tell she was putting muscle into the twist.  Lyndsey tried to cry out through the bandana.

“You have 20 seconds,” she said.

Jessica and I entered the house.  Barbara shoved Lyndsey at us.  I quickly untied the bandana while Jessica worked on the cord around her wrist.

“Gill!” Lyndsey said.  “It wasn’t them, it was…”

“Shut up!” Barbara yelled.  “And you, stop that,” She shoved Jessica away from the cords, leaving Lyndsey tied up.  “Now, turn and go that way.”  She indicated deeper into the house.

We walked to the bottom of the stairs and stopped.

“Bring them up to the ballroom,” Barbara said to Sean.  “Push Jessica out of a window and shoot Gill.  When the police come, Gill was violent, killed the girl and you shot him in self-defense.  Oh, and Lyndsey, can’t forget her.  Push her out of the window as well.  Or shoot her.  I don’t care, just make sure she’s dead and can’t talk.”

— —

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