To Kill a Ghost – The Old Mill

(This is the latest installment of the series that starts with The Old Mill.  The previous chapter was  Where’s Lyndsey?.  The Table of Contents is here)

— —

“Hold on a minutes there,” Sean said.  “I was playing along with this, but it was all a bluff.  I can’t kill anyone.  I mean, I’m a good shot and all, but I’m not a killer.  I don’t even kill the mice in my house, I use live traps.”

“What do you think we were doing here, then?”

“You told me that once Jessica was in the mansion, Martha would have to leave her 100% alone.  She’d be vulnerable and we could kill her then.  That’s Martha, not Jess.  Martha’s dead already and she has been a pest.  I’ve known Jess since she was a little girl.  I can’t harm a hair on her head.  Or any of them, for that matter.”  He holstered his gun and turned to us.  “Sorry you guys.  I played along thinking it was just to scare you, but you know I wouldn’t hurt you, don’t you?  Sorry.  Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening.”

He turned and ran out of the building.

I took Jessica’s hand and grabbed Lyndey’s elbow and started to pull them towards the door.  We took three steps when Galvin came in.  He had a gun in one hand and an iron bar in the other.

“Point that gun at them,” Barbara said.

“I don’t like these toys,” Galvin said.  “I think cold, hard iron is a better solution.”

He causally swung the bar down onto a table.  It exploded out into splinters.  Galvin then handed the gun to Barbara.  She held it as if it were a dead snake.

“What in the hell do you want me to do with this thing?” she asked.

“Point it at them and if they try to get away, shoot them,” Galvin said.  “Not that they will.  Nothing will get by me.”

“He’s the one that tied me,” Lyndsey said.

“You’re lucky that’s all I did,” Galvin said.

Without thinking I took a step towards him.  He poked me in the ribs with the bar.  The poke wasn’t very hard, but it hurt.  I knew that there would be an angry bruise.

“Get moving or I’ll break a few bones,” he said.  He brought the bar up threateningly.

Jessica and Lyndsey turned towards the stairs and the three of us slowly started up.

Just below the landing for the second floor, Galvin said, “It is so great to be in here at last.  After all of these years it just feels fantastic to walk up these stairs once again.  Home at last.”

I slowed down a little.  Galvin prodded me with the bar again.

Without looking back at him, I said, “You’re not Galvin, are you?  You must be George.  The first George.”

“Of course that’s my brother,” Jessica said.  Only it wasn’t Jessica.  It was Martha, 100% Martha.

“I’m only coming back for what’s rightfully mine,” Galvin/George said.  “Father left this for me, not his bastard niece.”

“I always thought that you were better than your psychopathic father,” Jessica/Martha said.  “But how many have you killed so far?  Barbara’s husband, George.  Galvin.  Izle.  Now you want to murder the four of us?”

“George died of a heart attack when I tried to take his body.  I didn’t kill him.  And Galvin wasn’t a loss at all.  He was barely a person.  He let me enter his mind, but he was so weak and puny, he didn’t live past late March.  You’re dead already.  The girl, Jess?  The girl was killed by Sean when he forced her into the house.  Gill?  So that’s just one, and he’s standing in my way.  Not really much of loss anyway.  The other girl?  Ask Barbara about her.  She’s the one who wants her dead.  I think she wants Gill and is killing her out of jealousy.  Just a guess.  Anyway, Lyndsey shouldn’t have meddled.  It’s her own fault, it’s not my fault.”

“You are as bad as your father for justifying your evil ways.  He did the same thing, you know.  Coldblooded murder and then blaming the victim for it.  You’re just as evil as he was.  You know that his soul was devoured, don’t you?  Eternal torture; that was his reward.  Guess you don’t care, even if the same will happen to you.  More likely, Galvin’s body will die suddenly, before you’ve had a chance to escape and you’ll be gone forever.  Snuffed out of existence like a candle’s flame.  Good riddance either way.”

“You’re just making this easier, you know.  I’m going to love pushing you out of that window.”

“And Jessica?  She is still here.  You will gloat about her murder?”

“I never told her to let you use her body did I?  If she’s that feeble minded, I have no problems killing her.  Actually, I’ll be nice and whack you once on the head, just so the fall isn’t as scary.”

“Don’t bother to be so nice,” Martha said.

We had reached the third floor and filed into the ball room.  George herded us towards a middle window while Barbara backed almost to the wall across form where we were.  The sun had gone down and the room was rapidly turning dark.

“OK, Gill, open the window,” George said.

“I can’t,” I said.

He swung the bar at me, but I jumped back and it missed me.  As he was recovering from the swing, I jumped forward again and punched him in the face, which, since he was a good six inches shorter than me, a straight forward punch. He staggered back.  I pressed in and hit his face again.  His head cracked against the wall next to the window.

I swung in again, but the blow didn’t reach him.  The bar hit my arm, knocking it down to my side. He didn’t have a lot of room to swing, so I was pretty sure that the bone hadn’t snapped like a twig, but it hurt quite a bit.  Without thinking, I backed up, which allowed him a moment to recover.  He swung again, only a half a swing since he was cornered, but it connected, and pushed me back farther.  With more room, he swung at me once more, a slightly downward swing.  I jumped back, but it glanced off of my left arm, hit my chest and then went solidly into a left leg.  My momentum carried my out of his reach and I rolled even farther.

If he had come at me at that point, I would have been dead.  Lyndsey kicked him in the knee and Jessica or Martha punched him after that blow. He swung at Lyndsey as she tried to duck out of his way.  He connected, but I couldn’t tell where or how hard.  She spun around, hit the wall and went down.

Martha/Jessica hit him in the back, what they call a kidney shot.   He left Lyndsey and turned his attention to Martha/Jessica.

“I’ll be back for her in a minute,” Galvin said.  “You’re the one I want.  Now that the others can’t interfere, I will give you a few nice taps on the head.  I can’t wait to see that egg cracked open for good.”

He raised the bar up, baseball bat style and rapidly approached her, she turned, but was right at the wall.  He started to swing.

As I was trying to get up to help, I heard Lyndsey scream Jessica’s name.  I took a step, but when I put weight on my left leg, it gave way and I was back down.  My entire body was in pain.  I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination, a hallucination from the pain, but I thought I saw something, or someone, rush past me.

A towering figure grabbed Galvin’s arm just as he started the down swing.  I heard a loud crack, and knew that it was an arm bone breaking.  The bar fell noisily to the floor.

Nate, for I finally recognized that the mountain of a man was Jessica’s husband, crossed his hands and grabbed Galvin at the waist.  Because of the twist, when he lifted Galvin over his head, Galvin ended up face down.  Nate slammed Galvin head first into the floor.  When I say slammed, it was like someone spiking a football after a touchdown.  The room shook.  I knew Galvin had to be dead, but Nate jumped high into the air and came down with one foot into Galvin’s spinal cord.

I finally got up and rushed to Lyndsey.  She looked OK, but, since her hands were still tied behind her, she was having trouble getting up. I sat down and started working on the knot with my left hand.

“I’ll kill the bitch myself,” Barbara said, and pointed her gun at Jessica.

Nate placed himself between Jess and Barbara and stepped towards her.  Barbara fired, but the shot was wild.  Nate started to close the gap and she shot again.  Nate spun slightly, but then headed back towards her, charging like a bull.  She fired a third time and Nate fell back, twisting as he fell so he landed face down.  Jessica screamed and ran to him.

“Stop her,” Lyndsey said.

I jumped up from Lyndsey to rush Barbara, pain be damned.

Barbara walked to just a few feet from Jessica to ensure her aim.  She looked clumsy, but she was close.  I doubted if she would miss, and she’d still have at least two more shots.

I had only taken a couple of steps when another shot rang out.

Barbara fell, a big part of her head missing.

I stopped and turned to the door.  Sean Goode was standing there, gun held by both hands to give him support in the dark room.  He walked towards his aunt and looked at her body.  He then threw the gun into a corner, as if it were about to bite him.

I walked over to him.  He looked at me with terror in his eyes.   “I, I, I killed her.  I’m not an evil person, am I?”  The look become pleading.

“No Sean, don’t look at it that way.  You saved us,” I said.  “You saved all of our lives.”

I pulled him away from Barbara and we walked towards Jessica, who was huddled over Nate.  Lyndsey was already there, standing by her sister.  We stood next to her.

Jess looked up at us.  “He loved me, really he did.  He loved me more than anyone on Earth loved me, but people made fun of him.  He loved me more than he loved anything else.  He’d give his life for me…”

“I know, Jess,” Lyndsey said.  “We all know.”

Jess threw herself on Nate and started to sob.

I thought I saw movement.

“Sean, quick, do you have a flashlight?” I asked.

He seemed startled out of a dream.  “Uh, yeah, sure, Gill.  What’s up?”

“Shine it on Nate,” Lyndsey said.  “He’s alive.  Jess, move back a little so we can check him out.”

Sean pressed the light into my left hand.  “I’m an EMT, I can help,” he said.

Jess stood up and wrapped herself around Lyndsey.  Now that we had light, I quickly realized that the first hit was a grazing shot on his hip, but the second hit squarely into his shoulder.  He was losing blood, but I doubted if a major organ was hit.

“Here Jess,” I said.  “Take the light.  Make sure Sean can see what he’s doing.  Nate should be fine.  I’m calling 911.”

She took the light from my hand and I pulled out my phone with my left hand.  My right arm was still pretty useless.

“Don’t bother,” Sean said.  “The police should be here in a second, and hopefully an ambulance.  I called as I came up the stairs.  I said ‘ambulance’, so I hope they listened.”

As he spoke I could see the flashing lights arriving.

“Uhm, while you’re standing there, do mind untying me?” Lyndsey asked.

Jessica pushed the light back into my left hand and started helping her sister.  I could hear people enter the house and go towards the stairs.

“Just a guess,” I said to Lyndsey.  “Our delaying tactic is working too well and we’ll have to wait a while longer.”  I sat down next to Sean and Nate.  I was in a lot of pain and need to rest.

“We’ll see what they say in the Emergency Room, but it may be weeks,” she said.

“Just think how good it will be,” I said.  Free from her bonds, Lyndsey sat down and gently wrapped me in her arms.

Officer Humphries entered the room, followed by several other police officers and the emergency crew.

This time I knew that it was finally over.

— —

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