Photos from Ohio – Early June 2017 – Mostly Eagles

Immature eagle flying

I spent a few days in Ohio back in early June.  This is a yearly trip to visit family.  And that’s what most of it was about – visiting.  Of course, part of the visiting where the “eagle hunts” with my father.  We did two of them: one to McGee Marsh and the other, more local to my parents, to Old Woman’s creek.

Even though we saw a lot of the same types of things as usual, there were a few special things.  Some I didn’t notice until I was looking at the photos.

I took quite a few pictures of a great Blue Heron in Lake Erie out at McGee.  Later I discovered that a snapping turtle was right next to the bird.  I can see the  head in almost a dozen photos.  Here is one.  Can you see it?

Great Blue and Turtle

There was an eagle doing strange aerobatics, I thought to avoid the flock of redwing blackbirds chasing it.

Eagle at steep pitch

At one point it flew low over the water, even hitting it.  It wasn’t until I was looking later that I discovered that it had a fish!

Eagle, Fish and redwing Blackbirds

The eagle flew by at a high rate of speed.  I didn’t see the fish until I was looking at the speed-blurred photos later.  Can you see it?

Eagle and fish

A great blue flew in front of me, landed, then shook like a dog.

Great blue shaking

There are many other special points.

Here is a selection of photos, including those above.  You can click on a photo for more detail.  Once bigger, you can scroll through the photos.

20 thoughts on “Photos from Ohio – Early June 2017 – Mostly Eagles

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  2. Serendipitous Web Life. : )

    Thank you so much, Trent. It is posts like this that remind me of what an amazingly beautiful world we live in. *sigh*. : )

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