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Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part four of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

An ancient raven slowly beat its wings as it rose above the village.  Where was this?  I couldn’t figure it out.  For a moment I thought I saw Cate and Leo, only they were birds, not children.  It quickly grew hazy.  I heard voices and tried to make my way to them.  After a moment, I discovered that the way to the voices was as simple as opening my eyes.

At first I didn’t recognize my surroundings, but I soon realized that I was in the old underground cell, a prisoner of the dwarves.  I must have fallen asleep and had been dreaming.  And yet, I knew that Cate and Leo had been turned into birds and had escaped our prison to find help.

I glanced over at my companion, which was the source of the voices and did a double take.  The wizard was now twins.  Twins?  I looked closer and realized that the little man to the right was the magician I had been talking to, Whindell, while the other one was someone else.

“Ah, so you’re awake,” Whindell said.  “Did you have a good sleep?”

“I guess,” I said.  “How long have I been out?  I didn’t mean to sleep….”

“Not long, not long,” the wizard said.  He had a twinkle in his eye, as if he was secretly laughing.

“Uhm, what’s up?” I asked.

“A messenger from the council showed up.”  The other wizard nodded in my direction.  “Oh, I guess I should tell you that your children are safe, shouldn’t I?  I know human parents worry about such trivialities.”

“We tend to.”

“Right.  So, the kids arrived and a council was convened.  They sent Rawcliph over to talk to me.  I’m sorry, but, well, your sleep.  Rawcliph didn’t want to startle you as he fell down the… I’m sorry as he, uhm, gracefully, flew down the airshaft.  Ah-hum.  Right.”

The other wizard blushed brightly.

“Seems your kids had found the council already in full meeting,” Whindell continued.  “The world is in danger.  Oh, I know, it was already in danger for so many things.  Your people seem Blavour bent to destroy the planet.”

“Blavour, what?”

“But this is even worse.  It seems that Glumoric, the Dark Lord of Blavour, has awaken from his hundred thousand year slumber and wants to take over the world.  Again.”  The old wizard sighed.  “He looked at the political landscape and thought it was his perfect opportunity.  And then the news of you being captured by the dwarfs made the entire magical world shake.  You can bet that Glumoric was very happy about that.”

“My poor head is spinning.  Can you slow down and explain this to me slowly?  And use small words.”

“I gave you the history of the fight between humans and the fair folk, didn’t I?  And I told you about the battles and the final treaty?  And about how Glumoric started it all?”

“Hold on right there.  No, you didn’t.”

“Oh.  Anyway, there’s no time now.  Just know that Glumoric is pure evil.  He gains energy from strife.  The more different creatures fight, the stronger he becomes.  Your species trying to kill itself and everyone with it has built his power, but a war between you and the fair folk would make him unstoppable.  We wizards put him to sleep during a time of peace, but he broke through it.”

“Oh. And so Ratzawizbang…”


“…came to tell you all of this?  At least that he’s awake and all?”

“No, he was sent as a Messenger not to me, but to the fair folk.”

“The dwarves?”

“Hmm, we need to leave the words ‘dwarf’, ‘dwarfs’ and ‘dwarves’ out of this.  They never liked that name.  Also, we may be restoring…”

“Shhhhh.”  This was the first time I had heard Rawcliph make a noise.  “He is not to know, at least not yet.”

“You may be right, but he will find out soon enough.”

As soon as he said that, there was a commotion outside of the cell.  The door opened and a dwarf was standing there.  I re-thought the word, for this ‘person’ was as tall as I am.

“As I was saying….” The wizard said, but he was cut off.

“The king will see you now,” the former dwarf said.

The Messenger became a raven and flew through the door.  He turned back into a man, or at least a wizard and beckoned for us to follow.  As we walked to the throne room I was aware that all of the ‘fair folk’ were now full sized.  At my height they no longer looked ridiculous, they were actually beautiful.  I began to understand why the term “fair folk” was much more appropriate.  I also realized that the passageway was now more full of splendor than it had been when I was taken to the dungeon.

We were stopped at the entrance to the throne room.  I looked over to Whindell and was shocked to see him ashen and shaking.  Maybe this wasn’t going to be so easy.

— — —

So many questions remain!  Why is the wizard so nervous?  Will the messenger be successful? If the dwarves (sorry, fair folk) suddenly became larger, along with their clothing, their homes, their furniture, etc., did the mass of the world increase?  Doesn’t this defy the first law of thermodynamics?  Do the laws of physics actually apply to a work of fantasy? Can I keep this story going based on the prompts?  Heck if I know!  Anyway, stay tune for our next exciting episode – same blog channel, same blog time!!

(Towards the Light – <–PreviousTable of Contents –  Next–>)

— —

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

22 thoughts on “Messenger – #writephoto

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  4. Rowena

    Trent, I’m coming into this story without having read the prelude. It’s not my genre bugt my daughter has sudden gone Harry Potter mad the rest of the family is also hugely into Lord of the Rings and your story seems to fit into that genre. I enjoyed what I read and feel you’re onto something.
    xx Ro

    Liked by 1 person

    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Rowena. I did bring up The Lord of the Rings in the first installment, but it went a totally different direction (of course it is set today). It’s been a lot of fun doing the story based on the photo and word that Sue put’s out as a prompt.

      Liked by 1 person

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    1. trentpmcd Post author


      It’s not as much shifting shape as size – yes, they can use an illusion to look like something else, but they don’t become something else except in rare instances. The magicians can, and do, shape-shift. As far as the dwarfs, they were originally the same size as humans, but had been staying the smaller size (or at least appearing small) as part of the treaty.


            1. trentpmcd Post author

              Sorry about your computer! I can sympathize. I lost my computer in January. I had most of my photos backed up, but lost quite a few.

              I hope you have a good back up.


              1. Sue Vincent

                Er…no. I was in the middle of transferring about 50, 000 photos…. so unless the hard drive survived and my genius computer guy can whip everything across, I’ll just be glad the best ones are probably already on the blog. Which IS backed up.

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. Rowena

                      Good luck, Sue. My husband is responsible for the network at Macquarie University and has come to my rescue countless times. We lost the lost and he brought most of it back from the brink. I also had an old backup on my laptop. You are reminding me to back the lot up again ASAP.
                      xx Rowena

                      Liked by 1 person

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