Towards the Light

As some of you may have noticed, I have started another serial story.  The difference between this story and other serialized stories I’ve posted is that this new one is based on prompts from Sue Vincent’s #photowrite. Every week she puts up one of her wonderful photographs and a word to describe it.  I use the word as the title (and make sure it is used in story) and base the story on the photo.  Well, it is no longer a story for each photo, but a new chapter in a longer narrative.

The title of the series is “Towards the Light”.  Of course one reason for the title is that the first chapter is “The Tunnel”.  So we are heading for the light at the end of the tunnel….

As with my other serial stories, I really didn’t plan on it being very long.  Well, surprise ;)  Since it started very short, I didn’t worry about navigation.  Since I just posted the sixth installment, I decided to add navigation to the top and bottom of each new chapter.  I also put up a new Page for the story – Table of Contents.

The story begins when the narrator’s kids come back with reports of seeing strange people.  The son says it is dwarves (like Lord of the Ring) while the daughter thinks they were dwarfs (like Snow White and the Seven).  Whichever spelling, they set off on an adventure where size may or may not count – it seems to shift!  Where wizards walk the earth, or perhaps flap above it.  And where an ancient war, finished before the dawn of human history, is rediscovered.  Intrigued?  What if I told you that each chapter ends with an outtake of the old Batman TV show.  Or is it the spoof, Soap?  That is for you to decide!

Urban fantasy meets a little bit of high fantasy meets some tongue in cheek story telling, we delve into the world of dwarves. Or is that really were we end up? Only time will tell. Truthfully, I don’t know ;)

I hope you enjoy the romp!

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