House of The Rising Sun Part 2

Steamship Paddles

If you couldn’t tell from my first post about my video for The House for the Rising Sun, I was not happy with my voice.  OK, part of it was that I made an arrangement that pushed my range from the A below the staff to the A above the staff.  That’s three ‘A’s and two octaves. Also, I’m not a great singer to begin with so…

I decided to do a new version with a synth line instead of vocals.  I used the same background but I changed the mix slightly to bring down the arpeggios and bring up the organ.  I also added a little counter-melody part.

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

The video is still the same, just a change in the music.

OK, question time.  When I posted this, I noticed Sony records put a Copyright claim to the video.  As I said in my last post, this is a traditional song that has been performed for a century and recorded for almost a century.  The melody has its rots in the 17th century.  I spent several hours trying to hunt down the copyright and read a lot of interesting stuff about copyright.  Everything indicated that it is Public Domain.

I get it that if someone posted the Animals version, they could claim it.  If someone posted the Bob Dylan version, Bob would take it down.  But it is neither.  This is my own performance of my own arrangement.  So I contested it.  We’ll see how it goes.  I may end up taking down the vocal version but I’ll fight tooth and nail for the Instrumental version.

I once recorded the first movement of Vivaldi’s Winter from the Four Seasons.  I used a public domain source for the score and played each part in on the keyboard, doing several passes to sound like an entire string section.  I made a video of it a couple of years ago.  Sony immediately put a claim on it.  I disputed it and said I played/recorded it using a public domain score.  They said they owned it.  I sent back saying i could prove I played/recorded it (I have the source recording) and prove that the score is marked public domain.  They still said they owned it.  I sent back that I would take them to the Supreme court if I had to, but they can’t own my performance of music written three hundred years ago.  They dropped their claim.

I hate bullies….

I understand protecting your copyrights, but the record companies are much too aggressive, which, to me, stifles creativity.  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “House of The Rising Sun Part 2

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  2. Charlotte Hoather

    Loved this. Record labels have done this to several of my videos, I haven’t money-tised them but I didn’t like that someone else did on old scores and now show adverts, saying it’s like a recording by one of their artists. I don’t challenge them.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks. I think the record labels use an algorithm that, together with the name, sees if it is similar to their songs. I don’t think a human gets involved unless you do challenge them. I do monetize my videos, but it is nothing – if they do keep it, they may make 5 cents off of it. If they’re lucky! ;) It isn’t really the money that bothers me, particularly since there is almost no money, it’s the idea. As you said, you did the work and yet some other artist is getting paid for it. Or that artist’s record label. Not really fair.

      For the Vivaldi I did, I see no excuse, but for House of the Rising Sun, my arrangement is similar to the most famous arrangement, though a lot of differences (I’m trying to sound like a steamship). I can almost see that. But for the songs you posted? No. It’s your performance of a Public Domain piece.

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