The Fireborn (Character) from The Fireborn (Book)


In the shadowy area where myth and history collide…

A couple of weeks ago I introduced our hero, Elliot.  Sure, he can seem a little ridiculous at times, but often people who can imagine the unimaginable are just the people you want when  the nightmare is real.  And what is the nightmare?  Remember the cauldron that I talked about?  The one that Elliot’s brother, William, discovered?  As I stated last week, Elliot thinks that the cauldron is the Cauldron of Resurrection of Celtic myth.  He fears it could be used to create the dreaded fireborn.  Yeah, seriously.  Just what we don’t need running around the world!  Scared?

What are the fireborn, you ask?

When a dead body is placed in the cauldron, an un-dead warrior emerges.  The warrior is blue, like the heart of the flame, with red hair that stands on end, like the tip of the flame.  The body burns with an internal fire and can wear no clothes.  And they are warriors, almost unstoppable and chopping anyone in their way with their sharp swords.  This is a fireborn.

Back in 2014 I explained why the “sword yielding naked blue zombies” are not a gimmick or joke.  If you read that post, you’ll find references from history of Celts fighting in the nude, even though they invented chain-mail armor.  You’ll also find historic references to Celtic warriors painting themselves blue.  I’ve read, but can’t find, references to Celtic warriors spiking their hair and possibly painting it red.  Why did they do all of this?  In imitation of the dreaded fireborn, of course!

It is almost impossible to stop a fireborn.  Strike it with a sword as many times as you wish, or fill it full of arrows like a pin cushion, it won’t stop.  Eventually it is possible a fireborn will take too much punishment and release the inner fire, but it takes quite a bit.  If they were to attack in the modern age, perhaps several thousand rounds from an assault rifle or several hundred rounds from a heavy machine gun would do the trick.  These are not your staggering, brain eating, decomposing zombies!  As you are shooting them, they are running at you, sword in hand, ready to chop you to pieces.  if you are lucky.  If you are unlucky, they’ll kill you, and bring you back as a sacrifice to the Cauldron.  The more they kill, the more new fireborn are created.

Actually, Elliot thinks something else may be able to stop a fireborn.  If the idea of a fireborn sounds far fetched, well, his solution may be even more of a flight of fancy.

Or is it?



— —

The book will be released soon!  Perhaps August 21!  I’ve written about it several times.  Check out my The Fireborn page


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