Release Party! The Fireborn

Fireborn Cover

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide

Hello!  Welcome, welcome!  Come on in.  I have some fine wine open and other beverages available.  There are several types of gourmet cheeses and crackers.  I have fresh veggies and a variety of dips, if needed.  Some fruit.  Hmm, am I missing anything?

2000 Pavillon Rouge Chateau du Margaux

Oh!  The book!


Yes, that is why we are all here, isn’t it, the book?  Today is the official launching of my debut novel The Fireborn.  Of course I have another book, Season of Imagination, but that is short stories.  This is the first novel!

The Fireborn has had a long and painful birth.  I know, bad pun, but you see, I finished writing the book four years ago!  Almost to the day.  It was in late August, I think the 25th, when I typed “The End”.  I set up this blog after finishing the second draft.  There have been many drafts since then.  I’ve also written two or three other books, not including the short stories, since then.

But, wow, it is finally out!


I have put up quite a few posts about The Fireborn.  Are you curious?  Take a look at the page.  I’m going to update the page later to add the links to Amazon and perhaps decrease the words, but for now it is the best place for information.

So where can you get it?  Right now only on Amazon.  Here are some links, based on the countries where Season of Imagination sold.  You can check Amazon in your country by searching for ‘Trent McDonald Fireborn’.



If you already ordered the Kindle version, it should automatically download today.

This video is now out of date, but take a look.

(Click here if you don’t see the video)

I hope you enjoy!

(OH, the party got a second wind!  Check it out here)


30 thoughts on “Release Party! The Fireborn

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  6. Solveig

    I hope that you’ll have many guests at your party! I ordered my copy today, paperback of course :) It will be my mother in law’s birthday present for me, she said that I should choose a book I like…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sandra Conner

    Congratulations! I realize you’re describing a ‘virtual’ party, but if I were close enough, I’d come by and toast you with a glass of wine and share the big day with you and your family. People who do not write often have no real understanding of what a major accomplishment it is to see a book come to this point. The months and years of all-consuming labor don’t seem to compute in the mind of the average person — even our readers. But I know what a success this is for you, and I hope you have great sales right away.

    Liked by 1 person


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