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Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

The sky cracking was a sight totally beyond my imagination.  The dragon, though, I had seen too often in movie and dream.

As the dragon drew nearer, I could see more detail.  The detail I was most aware of, though, were the flames.  I realized that it not only breathed fire, but it was fire.  The air pulled back in pain to its rapid approach.

The wizard pulled himself up to a great height.  He spread his arms.  I could feel electricity in the air as his hands began to glow.  He look powerful, yet I didn’t have a good feeling about it.

In the excitement and dread, I noticed something.

“Wait,” I said.  My voice sounded small in my ear.

The wizard pulled back slightly.  “What?”

“Wait,” I said again, yet with more force.  The ground began to shake.

The wizard lowered his hand a looked at my open mouthed.  The electricity diminished.

“Kill it!  Kill it!” the wind in my ear said.  The dragon was very close.  A flame shot towards us.

A huge gust of wind pushed the flames back, yet the dragon was approaching at the speed of an arrow in flight.

The earthquake grew more intense.  A spire of granite shot up between us and the dragon. But it wasn’t just the spire.  A mighty geyser had erupted sending a column of water to greet the water.

The cinder of the dragon smashed into the solid stone with an earth shaking impact.  The entire sky filled with smoke and steam.  I turned my head away from it.

When I turned back, there was nothing.  There was no geyser, no whirlwind, no granite spire and no dragon.  The ground was damp and the plants seemed revived.

“Where did it all go?” I asked.

“All of what?” Whindel answered.

“You know, the spire, the geyser, and, well, you know.”

The wizard gave me a weird look.  “Tell me exactly what you saw.  Tell me what you heard.  Tell me what you felt.”

So I told him, starting with the discovery of the egg.

He thought for moment after I had completed my narrative.

“It is proven, you have the Sight,” he said at last.

“The Sight?”

“The dragon was a flesh and blood creature, not a flame.  The sky was normal, besides the ridiculous site of a huge reptile flying through it.  As it approached, it grew to hot and exploded.  The heat caused a rain shower.  Or at least that is what others would have seen.  You saw something more, something deeper.  You saw what really happened.  It is a war and three of the elements are on our side.”

“Did you see what I saw or what you explained others would see?” I asked.

“I saw what others would see, yet felt the true conflict.  Being a wizard, I have the Sight, but it is different for me.  I used a sense for which no human word exists and ‘saw’ the conflict there.”

I thought about what he was saying, watching the land around us slowly turn green.

“Earth is the friend of plants, right?” I asked.


“But plants need water to live.  And, of course, they need the air, as all life on Earth does.”

“Of course.”

“Fire kills plants.”

“What are you getting at?”

“I can understand why there is an alliance against fire.  Perhaps the Earth in the guise of the watchers could tell us more.”

“If we could get an audience.”

I pointed to a rock outcropping.  There was an eye etched in it.  A hole went through the rock, right where the pupal should have been.

“That was created by humans, thousands of years ago,” Whindel said.

“I’m sure.  But they knew.”

We walked over to the outcropping.  All was silent.  I didn’t feel the presence I had felt before when confronted with the stony Watcher.

I was about to walk away when the wizard said, “Wait.”

I waited but felt a little restless.  I walked over to the ancient eye and looked through the hole.  As I drew closer, the landscape on the other side of the hole changed.  Once there, I discovered that the other side looked into a very different place.

“You were right,” the wizard said.  “You humans chose this place and the symbol of the eye for a reason.  This is a place of Sight.”

“A site of Sight?  Do you mean “Sight” like what you said I have?”

“Yes and no.  This allows a viewer to see what they need to see.  Or I should say, the place that they need to be.  Look carefully.  That is our destination.”

“Thank you,” I said under my breath to the Watcher.   I braced myself for what I would see.

— — — —

Since the Elements are coming together to help, does that mean it is all over?  And what is this mysterious “Sight”?  Where is our hero going next?  Why do i end these chapters with all of these silly questions?  These questions, and more, will soon be answered!  Stay tune for our next exciting episode – same blog channel, same blog time!!

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— —

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Since the book I just put out is based on Celtic myth and legend, my mind might be still in that space. On the other hand, I find I am often influenced to go that direction by Sue’s prompts.


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