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Photo by Sue Vincent

Note – this is part of the story, Towards the Light.  Click here for previous.  Go to the Table of Contents. Or start at the beginning: (click here for part 1 – The Tunnel)

— —

I sat in my little prison and felt the memories flow out of me like a river.  What was happening?  I knew I had to force myself to think, to remember.

I thought back to Leo and Cate and the cave they had found.  I remembered the dwarves who only appeared to be dwarves, but were really full sized Fair Folk.  An image of the king’s lovely daughter floated above me, tugging at my heart.  What was her name?  My memory began to clear up as the words and images flowed back in.

“Alashina,” I said.  “She had lost her husband to the minions of Blavour, just I lost Lisa to the evils of…”  My eyes teared up.  The memories were too sharp!

But where was I and what was I doing there?

I was on a quest with the wizard, Whindell, to find something to stop the evil Glumoric.  In order to do that I had to find the Stone of Forgetfulness and drape it over Glumoric’s neck.  Easy-peasy.  Right?

It suddenly struck me.  I was on the other side of the world.  All of the watch fires.  In the exact middle of the fires, a prison to keep people out guarded by a couple of very forgetful goblins.

I was not in a prison, but in the outer-chamber of a vault.  A vault to keep the Stone of Forgetfulness!

It made sense.  Glumoric would push it to the far side of his world.  He’d lock it up and guard it well.  The one thing he hadn’t thought of was that the Seeing Stone would take me to the place I most needed to be, to the very vault on the inside of the rings of watching fires.

But I had to think of a way to break into the inner chamber.

I thought as hard as I could and suddenly remembered the keys.  When I had unlocked the door to let myself into the prison, what had I done with the keys?  I hadn’t given them back to the guarding goblin.  I checked my pocket, and sure enough, I had them.

Could it really be this easy?

I unlocked the inner door and walked in.  I found a stairwell leading down.  At the bottom was another locked door.  Stupidly, the key for this was also on the ring.  Why would they put all of the keys on one ring?  I figured because if they were on different ones, the guard would forget.

Entering the inner vault, I was confronted by a large box.  Was I wrong?  Was this really a tomb and the box a coffin?  I tried to open the lid, but it was locked.  I tried all of the keys, but none fit.

Maybe they weren’t so stupid.

I did have my house key in my pocket.  I felt silly, but I tried it.

The casket unlocked and opened.

In the center was a lead box.  My car keys opened the box.  Inside of the lead box was a small sack or purse made out of fine wires.  I opened it and for a second forget everything, including my name.  A part of my mind closed the sack.

I was back, but my mind was still foggy.  I stopped and went back over it all in my mind again.  I thought of the good Earth and the cool Air.  I didn’t hear whispers, but I felt them giving me strength.  My mind cleared.

Taking the sack, I retraced my steps.  Funny thing is, the outer door was not locked from the inside, so I went right out.

Both of the guards were sleeping. I carefully slid the keys back into the pocket of the one who had given them to me.  That would give them quite the mystery to solve.  Or perhaps, hopefully, they would completely forget that I had been there at all and so not notice the missing stone for quite some time.

With the thoughts of Air and Earth still in mind, I started to think of Water for I was thirsty.  Also, the image of Alashina was still in my head.  Her face gave me hope.  Her face also reminded me of water.  Water was the friend of the Fair Folk.

Avoiding the watch fires, for I knew that Fire was not my friend, I made my way out, following a path my eyes could not see, but my mind understood.

After walking for hours, I could hear a roar.  With the first light of dawn now illuminating my path, I followed the sound and was soon rewarded with the sight of a large waterfall on a great river.

The roar of the flowing and falling water created a voice, a voice made of air, stone and stream.  It beckoned m, so I followed, followed the voice to a cave behind the falls.

Finding a comfortable spot in the moss filled chamber, I curled up, and let the sound of the watery voice lull me to sleep.

— — —

Wasn’t that a little easy?  And his house and car keys?  Really?  But how will he ever put the stone around Glumoric’s neck?  And why all of these references to Alashina?  This won’t be a love story will it?  Or will this turn into a cheap rip off of The Tale of Beren and Lúthien? All of these questions and more, will soon be answered!  Stay tuned for our next exciting episode – same blog channel, same blog time!!

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— —

This was written for Sue Vincent‘s weekly #writephoto challenge.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Charlotte! The photo was by Sue Vincent – I’m not sure where she took it, but most of her photos are from the wilds of around the UK. I can see what you mean about a Norwegian setting, though,and the imagery of the natural settings of that music. The sounds of the flowing water, etc…


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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      In our world, everyone except humans can do magic. I wonder if there is something about bringing those same humans to a different Universe, particularly a human who can talk to the Elements? (hint ;) ) Actually, i was thinking of a Steven Wright joke about him accidentally using his car keys to get into his house. Of course it started. As he drove his house down the road, a cop pulled him over and asked him where he lived. He said, “here.” (If you don’t know Steven Wright, he has a very flat effect and says everything in a monotone.)

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