The Clear Light of You – #Haibun #Tanka


The Clear Light of You

I am walking through a misty wood, lost without a path.  I stumble forward, looking for a beam of light, looking for you.  Is that shape in front of me, that shadow, a person?  Is it walking towards me?  Will it emerge so I can see?  Can that shape be you?  But no, there is a swirl and it dissolves.  I am once again alone in the fog.

We think we can see
In Plato’s land of shadow
And know each other
In the end it’s not there
It is only illusion

— — —

This week I decided to give Haibun a try.  OK, I still used Tanka for the Poem part.  Being October, I was thinking of ghosts and people and how sometimes the two can be the same, at least from the point of view of a solitary mind.

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were mist and shape.  (Sorry I used the same image as last week – I don’t have many images with mist or fog, at least not posted)

8 thoughts on “The Clear Light of You – #Haibun #Tanka

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      Thanks Colleen! When I first started posting poems on my blog, I almost followed this form without realizing it – I’d do a short poem, usually a haiku, and then a commentary on the poem without mentioning the poem itself. I just didn’t do it in the first person present.

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