Mountains of My Mind #Haibun #Tanka

Flower with Flatirons in the background

Mountains of My Mind

I stop to admire a flower and wonder what she is doing.   I turn a corner, see a bird and think of the latest outrage he tweeted.  I touch the tall pine and politics dominate my thoughts.  I go up the rise, hard rock beneath my feet, and think of nuclear tipped missiles falling from space.  But I push harder, sweat more, and go farther up this mountain.  Soon, I take in the view and my mind is blank, quiet.  I look around and all there is, is nature.  And me.

From the mountain top
The Earth spreads out calm below
The world seems at peace
I need refuge from Mankind
The turmoil of daily life

I am an extreme Introvert.  My mind drowns out all sounds around it.   Sometimes I need to go where there is no competition, no distraction from people talking.  I need to go where there are no sounds made from Man.  On a deserted beach at dawn, or deep in the forest, or high on a mountain top, I can be me.  Sometimes that mountain only exists in my head.

— —

This was written for Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge.  The key words today were “Quiet” and “Space”.

I am not sure if that second paragraph is part of the Haibun or not.  Poetry needs no explanation, yet sometimes I have a need to explain ;)

18 thoughts on “Mountains of My Mind #Haibun #Tanka

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  2. Corina

    I like this one which is saying a lot because, you may recall, I don’t like haiku or tanka. I can see the view from the top of the mountain and I can feel the calmness it brings to you.

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  3. Colleen Chesebro

    Trent! This Haibun/Tanka is marvelous. I have goosebumps reading your words. To me, this is the way we should write a Haibun. Lots of feeling and use words where I can see your image/words when I close my eyes. Your message is spot on! Well done! <3

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