Idina – Superhero!

(sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on Idina!  Let’s go!

(sniff, sniff, sniff)

Come on!  I have to get back.  I’m working today.

(sniff, sniff)

Idina, now!  I can only be away for a minute.  I’m technically at work.

(sniff.  So am I.  sniff)

Come on, I have to prepare for an important meeting!

(sniff, sniff.  This is more important! sniff)

I’m earning money for kibble.  What’s more important than kibble?

(sniff, sniff.  I’m protecting us.  I’m saving us from harm. sniff)

Come on, Idina!  You’ve been sniffing those tracks for five minutes now!

(sniff, sniff.  This is very important!  I may be saving the world. sniff)

Idian, now!

(sniff, sniff.  World, nothing.  I’m making the Universe a safer place!  Nothing is more important.  Ouch.  Why did you have to tug so hard?)

Come on, Idina!

(OK, OK, I guess the Universe can take care of itself for a couple of hours while you’re working. )

True story.  or so it would seem from her body language ;)


10 thoughts on “Idina – Superhero!

  1. dawnkinster

    Oh yea. I have experienced this myself. No amount of “COME ON, I have things to do…” will move her any faster. Now…if I were to say “Let’s go get you a TREAT,” then we’d be moving toward the house at a faster pace.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I carry treats with me, so I try that trick. Only occasionally do the treats work as motivation to get moving if they have something they are super interested in.


  2. Corina

    Lol. Sometimes I think I would like to have a dog for company but then there are those times when I am glad not to have one. I can’t imagine needing to wait for the dog to have its fill of sniffing in the pouring rain or icy temperatures!

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  3. Sarah Potter Writes

    I always counter in sniffing time for my dog, as they “see” so much with their noses. It’s such a shame when you see people drag their dogs along the road and don’t allow them to sniff at all. Obviously, there has to be some limit put upon it though. As you say, humans have to earn enough to pay for dogs’ kibble! Idina’s a lovely looking dog. My chocolate labrador has spent the afternoon fast asleep on my office carpet, resting from all of her sniffing, patrolling, and driving of “marauders” off her territory.

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    1. trentpmcd Post author

      I agree – they do need their sniffing time. I try to give them a lot of sniffing time on these walks. The other dog, Fiyero, does about half of the sniffing as Idina so it is a little frustrating when she sits there at one spot for five minutes. and even Fiyero is getting impatient.

      Idina is a rescue and has a few quirky habits, but is a great dog. I might be a doting father, but yes, she is a nice looking dog ;)

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